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700 million bottles of Italian sparkling wine uncorked in 2018 (more than 500 million for exports)

More than 240 million corks will fly over the holidays, for a final export balance of 1.5 billion euros. Data from Uiv-Ismea
700 million bottles of Italian sparkling wine opened in 2018

The protagonists of the meal during the whole year, the driving force of Italian wine exports, for the bubbles, the end-of-year celebrations remain a topical moment. During the festivities, more than 66 million bottles will be uncorked in Italy, while abroad more than 181 million. A flourishing of toasts made in Italy that, according to Istat data processed by Ismea, partner of the Wine Observatory, with the Italian Wine Union, 2018 with total sales of more than 700 million bottles (+5% compared to 2017), of which 190 million in Italy (+4%) and over 500 exported (+6%).
Exports of Italian sparkling wines, therefore, are still the main driving force in the sector, with a final balance expected to grow further in 2018, especially on the value front, where 1.5 billion euros (+13%) are estimated. Prosecco Doc, together with Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg, also excels in exports in 2018: it represents about 15% in value of the entire Italian wine sector and 61% of the entire sparkling wine sector.

Among its main customer countries, the United Kingdom, despite a 4% drop in volume, remains the top destination country for Italian sparkling wine, with over 100 million bottles sold in the period January-September. Exports to the United States grew by 9%, with almost 80 million bottles, followed by Germany with about 32 million.
“As per tradition, our sparkling wines will find a prominent place on the tables of Italians during the holidays - said Ernesto Abbona, president of Unione Italiana Vini - the data on internal consumption shows how our compatriots are aware of the high quality of wine products in the country and this awareness, which in no uncertain terms we can define a positive cultural growth and a victory for the sector, is therefore reflected at the time of purchase.
Excellent results were also recorded with regard to exports, demonstrating that Italian wine is also highly appreciated abroad. Italian wine is about to close a positive year, even though it has to work hard to continue to grow and increase in non-European wine industries.
From this point of view - concludes Abbona - we have just received the excellent news regarding the ratification by the European Parliament of the Free Trade Agreement with Japan, which will enter into force on February 1, a treaty that will give new impetus to Italian wine and that allows us to look forward to 2019 with optimism.
“In this 2018 - adds Paolo Castelletti, Secretary General of the Italian Wine Union- we have recorded with great satisfaction the general increase in terms of sales of all the main denominations, not only abroad, but also in Italy, with good performance of the sweet sparkling wines. Prosecco has once again proved to be the leader and main driving force both in the sector and in the entire wine sector of our country. As far as exports are concerned, sales in the United Kingdom are slightly down, although the UK remains one of our main customers, this can be considered a demonstration of the potential consequences of Brexit, which is already having a negative effect on Italian wine”.

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