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“Academy4Grapes”: the third edition of the Perleuve Advanced Wine Training Course kicks off

Registration open for Italy’s first school for “ampelonauts”, professionals in vineyard monitoring, by agronomist Giovanni Bigot
“Academy4Grapes”, Giovanni Bigot’s Perleuve school, to become “ampelonauts”

The first level begins by providing the basics of monitoring and then explores the technique useful in determining grape characteristics and health; the second level focuses on the efficiency of the method in terms of time and resources: applying only what is needed when it is needed, drawing on the teachings of Japanese lean management, for a lean management of the production sector; finally, the third level focuses on the connection between the vineyard, grapes and wine to evaluate them from a production and quality point of view: these are the three steps of Academy 4Grapes, the Advanced Viticulture Training Course, born in 2020, at the initiative of Perleuve, a company founded by agronomist Giovanni Bigot, creator of the “Bigot Index”, which evaluates the “quality of vineyards”.
The third edition of the Course will begin on November 7, and registration is open, at www.academy.4grapes.it, for the online Academy “which aims to train professionals specialized in vineyard monitoring, teaching them a scientific and integrated approach to viticulture. The course is structured to impart theoretical and practical knowledge and skills through which to increase the quality potential of the vineyard, reduce management costs and limit the environmental footprint”.

Also part of the training is tasting and commenting on wines made using the Bigot Index, a scientific method patented by the agronomist himself that examines the nine viticultural factors capable of directly influencing wine quality. “Having a method saves you time”, explains Giovanni Bigot, “vintages like 2022 require us to be skillful in making the right choices each year, especially when “tradition” no longer helps you because the climate is changing. In 25 years of experience in the vineyard, I have understood the value of the Japanese concept of kaizen, that is, continuous improvement at all stages of production, which results in increased efficiency and the elimination of waste. With Academy 4Grapes, we wish to convey all this and work to ensure that the trainees develop such awareness that they can independently apply the method they have learned”.
To date there are 150 “ampelonauts of the vineyard”, a note explains, figures increasingly sought after in the public and private sectors. Professionals include owners and operators of wineries, viticulture technicians, agronomists and oenologists, consultants active in different regions, officials of plant protection companies and university students.

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