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American Airlines is the first airline to launch a wine delivery service

Customers will be able to receive the wines of the collection the company proposes shipped on first-class flights delivered directly to their homes

The Pandemic has radically changed how wine is purchased and consumed, and has gone from the physical store to the virtual one, and from the restaurant to the home. Consequently, there has been a surge in online channel sales, and deliveries. In an effort to “intercept” this trend, American Airlines is the first airline to launch a home delivery service for its customers. The initiative is called "Flagship Cellars" and will allow anyone over the age of 21, which is the minimum age to be able to drink alcohol in the United States, to choose wines from the worldwide collection that the company typically offers to those who buy a first class “Flagship” ticket, and have them delivered directly, and conveniently to their homes. Customers will be able to choose mixed wine packages, or they can create their own custom box or also take out a monthly subscription that includes three wines for 99.99 US dollars, delivery included.
“Wine provides, for wine enthusiasts around the world, a deeper connection to the places they love to visit”, said Alison Taylor, the American Airlines Chief Customer Officer. The wines the American airline is offering are subjected to a careful selection procedure. Twice a year, wine experts identify the top selections based on their notes and opinions from customers around the world, as well as those of a Master Sommelier.

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