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“Amygdala.n”, the new site-specific installation by Pasqua that lets Verona converse with the world

Once again, the Venetian winery has given the task of narrating the beauty of wine to the universal language of art and studio fuse*

It is called “Amygdala.n” like the area of ​​the brain that allows humans to perceive and process their emotions as indicated in scientific language. It is a project that transforms the flow of data it receives into art, which is an aesthetic language, an analytical tool as well as a device to visually measure the emotional temperature of the world. A person observes moment by moment, "listening" to shared thoughts, “manifesting” feelings, interpreting events through light and sound, and then reacts in different ways to stimuli, exactly like the multiple ways in which human beings decode their experiences. In the current digital age, in the de-materialized space of social media, a reservoir of emotions and an archive of thoughts can be explored through “Big Data”, which records everything that is fed into the network. This is the new site specific installation, commissioned by Pasqua Vini at the studio fuse *, curated by Reasoned Art at Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo in Verona, for the occasion of "Vinitaly and The City” (April 10-11th). It is a tribute to the city, freely visible to the public in Piazza delle Erbe, giving Verona the chance to converse with the world.
Once again, the Verona winery has assigned the task to the universal language of art to narrate the distinctive features of each of its projects. That is, the research, creativity and innovation which each of its wines expresses, offering itself as a research laboratory; in other words, a space for discussion and dialogue, a home open to all, where quality and creativity are the main players. Further, the new tagline, “Easter, House of the Unconventional”, embodies the bold spirit, tension towards innovation, and curiosity towards the world, which are the values ​​that inspire the company’s daily vision and actions.
“Amygdala.n” is a reinterpretation of the original project “Amygdala”, presented for the first time in 2016, during the “Flux-Ux” exhibition at Cubo in Bologna. It was presented also later on at “Artechouse” in Washington DC, and also at “Georgia Tech Arts” in Atlanta. It “translates into the universal language of art all the values ​​that characterize our daily commitment and our wines: creativity, innovation and experimentation. These values create relationships and need to be shared to express themselves at their best”, Riccardo Pasqua, CEO of Pasqua Vini, explained.

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