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Professor Attilio Scienza of the University of Milan is one of the leading viticulture and “archeo-viticulture” experts and will be one of the “guides” who will take us on the journey where “all roads lead to wine” in the American TV series “Journey in the Italy of Wines”.
Antonio Galloni, in charge of Italian wine tasting in Robert Parker’s “Wine Advocate”, one of the most influential wine guides in the world, is one of the collaborators of the television series.
The program is a series of trips in the winemaking regions along the ancient Roman consular roads, with stops at the major wine companies, and narrates the extraordinary variety of the “wine reservoir” in Italy. William Petersen, wine lover and for many years star of the television series CSI will present the episodes of this journey to the most characteristic destinations of “Vineyard Italy”.

Obviously, the star role is wine, which will tell about the small companies in Chianti, the chaos of modern New York or Paris, why a thousand status symbols cannot hold a candle to a vintage 1990 “Brunello di Montalcino” or how from Imperial Rome to today wine has dictated the “core” of faith, politics and even religion. Or, how arrogant wines have been throughout 400 years of history but humble after 2000 years of life.

“Journey in the Italy of Wines” is a new television series about the excellence of Italian wines. It will take us through all the stages of wine production from a wine tasting in a cantina to a small village fiesta. It is a journey to discover the Italy of bouquets of flowers, traditions and tastes: its culinary, artistic and historical traditions. The itinerary was created to encourage the audience to take a trip to the most important Italian vineyards and get closer to the rich, but often not well-known, world of Italian food and wines: from Brunello di Montalcino of Fiano to Franciacorta to Amarone to Barbaresco to Primitivo of Mandria.

Journey in the Italy of Wines will takes us to wineries also during harvest time and we will see all the stages of production. There will be interviews with wine producers, experts and fans.

There are 300 varieties of vines in Italy, a huge wine production and hundreds of prestigious and world famous wineries and wine farms. “Journey in the Italy or Wines” proposes to discover them through the wines of Antinori, Sassicaia, Caprai, Cinzano, Gancia, Argiano, Guicciardini Strozzi ...just to name a few.

There will be 13 episodes, 60 minutes each with commercials (48 minutes net time). The episodes will be shot in HD and taped in English. Professor Attilio Scienza and Antonio Galloni the “Wine Advocate” critic will guarantee expertise and accuracy. Famous guests such as Trudie Styler and her husband Sting, Carole Bouquet, Mick Hucknall of Simply Red, former President of Time Warner, Richard Parson and Guy Hands of Terra Firma, will highlight some episodes.

Focus – The “stops” in Wine Advocate’s “Journey in the Italy of Wines”

Episode 1 – “Via Salaria” from Rome through Lazio (Rieti) and Marche (Ascoli Piceno) to Abruzzo (Teramo)
Episode 2 – “Via Cassia” from Rome through Lazio (Viterbo), Tuscany (Arezzo, Siena, Florence, Pistoia and Lucca) to Liguria (La Spezia)

Episode 3 - “Via Aurelia” from Roma through Lazio (Viterbo), Tuscany (Grosseto, Leghorn, Pisa, Lucca, Massa Carrara), Liguria (La Spezia, Genoa, Savona) to France (Nice and Marseille)

Episode 4 – “Via Appia” from Rome through Lazio (Latina), Campania (Caserta, Naples, Benevento), Basilicata (Potenza), Puglia (Bari, Taranto and Brindisi) and from Campania (Benevento and Avellino) through “Via Appia Traina” to Puglia (Foggia, Barletta, Bari and Brindisi)

Episode 5 – “Via Popilia” from Campania (Caserta and Salerno) to Calabria (Cosenza, Vibo Valentia and Reggio Calabria)

Episode 6 – “Via Latina” from Rome through Lazio (Frosinone) and Molise (Isernia) to Campania (Caserta)

Episode 7 – “Via Tiburtina Valeria” from Rome to Abruzzo (Chieti and Pescara)

Episode 8 – “Via Flaminia” from Rome to Umbria (Terni, Perugia), Marche (Pesaro, Urbino), to Romagna (Rimini)

Episode 9 – “Via Postumia” from Liguria (Genoa) to Piedmont (Alessandria), Emilia-Romagna (Piacenza), Lombardy (Cremona), Veneto (Verona, Vicenza, Treviso and Venice) to Friuli Venezia Giulia (Udine) and also the “Via Fulvia” in Piedmont (Alessandria, Asti and Turin)

Episode 10 – “Via Emilia” from Marche (Rimini) across Emilia Romagna (Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna, Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Piacenza) to Lombardy (Lodi) and then from Lombardy (Milan) to Piedmont (Vercelli), Val d’Aosta (Aosta) and Veneto (Verona and Padua)

Episode 11 – “Via Claudia Augusta” from Lombardy (Mantova) to Veneto (Verona) to Trentino-Alto Adige (Trento) and from Veneto (Venice, Belluno) to Trentino-Alto Adige (Trento and Bolzano). Then, through the “Via Gallica” from Veneto (Verona) to Lombardy (Brescia, Bergamo and Milan)

Episode 12 - Sicily and its islands

Episode 13 - Sardinia

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