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Antinori, Planeta, Frescobaldi, Gaja, Sassicaia and Tignanello: the top Italian brands in the world

Here is “The Most Admired Wine Brands 2021”. The Sicilian brand is the one that has grown the most in the ranking. Familia Torres at n. 1

Antinori is confirmed as the top brand of Italian wine in the world, while Planeta, the iconic name of Sicilian wine, is the one that has grown the most and, in the eyes of the international trade, represents the best of Italian wine together with great names such as Frescobaldi, Gaja, Sassicaia and Tignanello (also owned by Antinori). This is the verdict, in extreme synthesis, of “The Most Admired Wine Brands 2021” of the American magazine Drinks International. The 2021 ranking sees Spain at the absolute top, with Familia Torres at no. 1 and Vega Sicilia at no. 3, with the two most famous Spanish wine brands “separated” by another great name in world wine, Catena, an Argentinean company at no. 1 in 2020.
A list (which includes other almost sensational new entries, such as that of the myth of Burgundy, Domaine de La Romanèe Conti, present for the first time, as well as Gaja, an iconic winery of the Langhe, above all) that, as always, was selected by an “academy” formed by experts, buyers, restaurateurs, sommeliers, wine writers, educators and Masters of Wine from 48 countries around the world, and that, looking at the names, rewards classicism, the staples of Italian and world wine. With the peculiarity, looking at Italy, that these are wineries linked to families that have made the history of Italian wine.
As mentioned, the first Italian brand, at number 9 in the ranking, is confirmed as Antinori,
today led by the 26th generation of the family, that is, Albiera, Allegra and Alessia, together with their father, Marquis Piero Antinori, and CEO Renzo Cotarella, heads of an Italian wine group that has made history since 1385, when the dynasty, Giovanni and Piero Antinori, joined the corporation of the Arte dei Vinattieri. A name, Antinori, which is synonymous not only with Tuscany, but also with wine in Italy, given that the family's properties include Badia a Passignano, Pèppoli, Antinori in Chianti Classico, Pian delle Vigne in Montalcino, Tenuta Guado al Tasso in Bolgheri, Tenuta Montenisa in Franciacorta, Prunotto in Piedmont, Castello della Sala in Umbria and, recently, Jermann in Friuli Venezia Giulia (of which it acquired the majority at the beginning of March, as reported by WineNews). And the only Italian reality to count two brands among the first 50 in the world, since at number 49 there is Tignanello, one of the jewels of Antinori, which, just to celebrate the 50 vintages of an Italian wine that has entered the world myth, has recently reconstituted the entire property of the hill that hosts the Tignanello estate.
At position no. 17, instead, there is Planeta, a name that has marked the history of the renaissance of Sicilian wine, a reality founded at the beginning of the nineties of the last century by Diego Planeta, and today led by Alessio, Francesca and Santi Planeta, which has become a reference point of the wine of Sicily in its many expressions, from Menfi to Vittoria, from Noto to Etna and Capo Milazzo. And which is the brand that has grown the most worldwide, climbing 22 positions on the 2020 edition. “Needless to say the joy and pride of being in a ranking in which there are companies that have always been models for us, from the point of view of the organization, brand work and not only. We like to ideally share this result with Diego Planeta, this recognition - comments Alessio Planeta to WineNews - is also a tribute to his role for Sicilian wine, not only for us. Another great thing about this ranking is that it shows the family value of the Italian companies in the ranking. The value of family is the one we have always been inspired to, it means working for the next generations, and also for this reason sustainability, for example, becomes an ever present and wide concept, which goes beyond the environmental aspect. And it’s a ranking that also makes you think that, in this year, when we didn’t see each other in person, we still managed to remain present in the thoughts of the jury and the critics with the tools of virtual experience, and that's important. It gives us a great boost to get going again, also because this is a ranking that they look at all over the world, from the U.S. to Asia”.
Position n. 24, instead, for another name that is the history of Italian wine, Frescobaldi, a group led by Lamberto Frescobaldi (and to which “Wine Spectator” has recently dedicated its cover in the April 2021 issue), which owns several top-level estates (Castello di Nipozzano and Castello di Pomino in Chianti Rufina, Rèmole in Sieci, Tenuta Castiglioni in Montespertoli, Perano in Gaiole in Chianti, in Chianti Classico, Tenuta Ammiraglia in Maremma and Castelgiocondo in Montalcino), all under the brand name of “Tenute di Frescobaldi”, to which are also added estates which have become absolute icons of world wine, such as Masseto and Ornellaia in Bolgheri, above all, or Luce in Montalcino, without forgetting Attems, in Friuli Venezia Giulia.
At no. 26, again, one of the most sensational new entries, that of Gaja, a brand that for decades has been considered among the most important ones of Italian wine, icon of the Langhe with its great Barolo and Barbaresco, but not only with the winery led by Angelo Gaja, one of the most authoritative producers, listened to and sometimes provocative of the Italian scene, together with his daughters Gaia and Rossana and his son Giovanni, and properties which extend as far as Bolgheri (Cà Marcanda), Montalcino (Pieve Santa Restituta), and wines which also come from Etna, such as Idda (this winery is in partnership with Alberto Graci).
Position n. 40, instead, for another sacred monster of Italian wine, Tenuta San Guido’s Sassicaia. A legendary wine of oenological Italy, a stroke of genius by Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, built over years of dreams and research, and with the decisive contribution of Giacomo Tachis, in that Tenuta San Guido still led by the family, with Nicolò and Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta and their cousins, and with the director Carlo Paoli, which, with the 2018 vintage, recently arrived on the UK market, marked the arrival of vintage no. 50. 50 of this great wine that, over the years, has also become a designation in its own right, Bolgheri Sassicaia, a unique case in Italy.
These are all prestigious wineries belonging to great families of Italian wine, which, together with others, have raised, during the years, the reputation of Italian wine in the world, where they continue to keep it, for the benefit not only of their wineries, but of the whole Italian wine country.

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