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Assoenologi holds the first simultaneous tasting in 19 Italian Universities

There was a tasting of volcanic wines in Universities that award the title of Oenologist. Riccardo Cotarella: “we need to involve universities more”

The place where culture is cultivated, par excellence, is the University, which also applies to wine. As a matter of fact, just recently, Assoenologi, the association of winemakers, initiated an original experience. That is, a wine tasting, focused on volcanic wines, held simultaneously in all 19 Italian Universities that award the title of Oenologist: the Universities of Turin, Milan, Verona, Padua, Udine, Trento, Bolzano, Bologna, Florence, Pisa, Palermo, Sassari, Teramo, Naples, Perugia, the University of Tuscia, University of Salento, Polytechnic University of Le Marche and the Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Piacenza.
The promoted event also had the support of Amorim Cork Italia. It helped to put the spotlight back on one of the oenological niches that have been talked about recently, namely from volcanic soils (Italy has a very rich treasure chest, such as Campli Flegrei, under Vesuvius, the Aeolian Islands, from Etna to Vulture, and the Euganean Hills to Soave. Let’s not forget also the large territories around the world such as Willamette Valley and Napa Valley in the USA, and Lanzarote, in Spain), including tastings and insights, guided by Professors Angelita Gambuti and Paola Piombino of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University Federico II in Naples, and to launch a format in which the wine world is looking for a more synergetic alliance with the academic world.
The young people of Assoenologi promoted the event and also broadcast it on Facebook on the Assoenologi page, which was a “first time” in a long-range journey. Riccardo Cotarella, president of Assoenologi, explained it was “an extremely important event, because for the first time Assoenologi has brought together all the Italian Universities that also award the title of Oenologist in their training courses. The value of knowledge and training is the basis of every profession, and especially that of the winemaker. I am proud that our young people have given life to this initiative, which Assoenologi unanimously and immediately approved. It was an important day, and we will certainly follow up with other initiatives to involve Italian Universities more and more, because they are the true sources of our knowledge”.

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