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Bersano, one of the most important companies in Piedmont, now belongs 100% to the Massimelli family

WineNews Rumors: the Massimelli family, led by Ugo and Federica seems to have acquired 50% from its historical partners, the Soave family

Bersano Winery, one of the historic Piedmont wine brands, which, from the beginning of the twentieth century (it was founded in 1907) to today, count 10 farmhouses and 230 hectares of prestigious vineyards in the topmost territories in Langhe and Monferrato, UNESCO heritage. They have invested in denominations ranging from Barolo to Barbera, Barbaresco, Brachetto, Ruchè, Asti, as well as excellent productions of Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo, just to name a few. They are now beginning a new chapter. According to WineNews Rumors, the historic company, one of the largest private companies in Piedmont in terms of vineyards, now belongs to a single owner, the Massimelli family, who for decades had led the company together with the Soave family at equal shares of 50%. Now, though, the winery that produces 1 million bottles a year, and represents all of the top Piedmont denominations, will belong exclusively to the Massimelli family. The president of Bersano will remain under the leadership of Ugo Massinelli, and his daughter, Federica Massimelli, will remain CEO.
The historical company (it was one of the first, between the 1950s and the 1960s, to obtain a waiver to make Barolo wine outside the area, in the territory of Nizza. The company also founded the antique Confraternity of Bagna Cauda, ​​one of the first associations that protect Piedmont food and wine, and for many years it has been awarded the Paisan Vignaiolo Award, which over the years has been given to personalities such as Umberto Eco, Giorgio Bocca and Guido Ceronetti, to name a few). This information can be found in the Bersano Museum of Farmers and Prints on Wine, kept in the company, and which is one of the richest in Europe, boasting over 3.000 pieces, including some fifteenth-century presses.
The historic and prestigious company, now under the sole ownership of the Massimelli family, is beginning a new chapter in its history, hand in hand together with the great wines of Piedmont.

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