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Between hospitality and experience, “Accademia Vine Lodge” is born, the hotel designed by Simonit & Sirch

The internationally renowned pruning masters launch an innovative hospitality formula for wine lovers and insiders in the Collio

It is not a hotel like all the others: the Accademia Vine Lodge, recently inaugurated in Capriva del Friuli, in the heart of Collio, is an innovative project that combines hospitality and experience, signed by the duo of pruning masters Marco Simonit and Pierpaolo Sirch, who are internationally renowned for their innovative methods. A place with a dual purpose: wine lovers will find a country and refined environment in the heart of the vineyards, an ideal starting point for exploring the enchanting hills of Friuli Venezia Giulia and enjoying exclusive experiences. However, the country hotel is also a destination for those attending the Vine Master Pruner Academy, a course for master pruners that provides an ideal setting for professional exchanges between insiders.
Immersed in the greenery of a large park, with 12 rooms, a beautiful portico and an extraordinary gourmet breakfast with local products, the Accademia Vine Lodge breathes the culture of the vine and wine. The complex also includes a mighty turret, a place intended for tastings, with the walls covered with shelves where the wines of the large companies followed by Simonit & Sirch and others chosen on business trips around the world will gradually take their place. For guests, there will be organized the verticals of the prestigious wines, as well as online connections with important international Maisons combined with wine tastings, cooking classes with well-known chefs, picnics among the vineyards, exclusive visits with tastings in the most renowned cellars of the Collio and Colli Orientali or from small niche agri-food producers, experiences in the vineyard and with local farmers.
Successful residential pruning courses are also held at the Vine Lodge Academy for lovers of greenery and nature and for insiders, such as those on Dendrosurgery, the innovative technique developed by Simonit & Sirch to save the vine plant from a disease of the bait without uprooting it, intervening as the dentist does for caries.
Marco Simonit and Pierpaolo Sirch - born in 1966 in Friuli, partners and lifelong friends, internationally renowned for having perfected the pruning method that bears their name and makes the vines healthier and longer-lived - acquired the structure from another great Friulian oenologist, Silvio Jermann, and brought their style with them. “For some time, we have been looking for a structure that represents us, a meeting place open to the world, connected to our territory, but also attentive to incorporating a thousand contaminations and countless stimuli that come to us from our work on various continents. Glocal, as is it is our reality - says Marco Simonit - and we discovered it in Silvio Jermann’s Vinnaeria, which is located right next to our Mario Schiopetto Campus, visited by people from all over the world, where over the years we have structured the Method Simonit & Sirch, which now serves as a foundation for those who follow the training courses offered by our group, as well as for those who are interested and can see a tangible demonstration of it here”.

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