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Between sky and sea, the vineyards in Venice: from "IsolaLeVignole" to the new wine of Santa Margherita

In the Lagoon, 2 hectares of Dorona grapes have been planted, while the Marzotto family presents the limited edition "Harmonia Mundi" from the Convent of San Francesco

The sky, the sea, the eighteenth-century palaces, the canals and gondolas, and then the vineyards: in Venice, one of the most magical cities in the world, new special oenological projects are flourishing, in addition to those already present in the “Serenissima”, already told on WineNews, from Bisol to the Consorzio Vini Venezia. On the island of Vignole, right in front of the city, 2 hectares of Dorona grapes, an ancient vine native to the Lagoon, have recently been planted, which will be one of the attractions of "IsolaLeVignole", an evocative location intended to host events and wine tastings. On the other hand, the Marzotto family (Santa Margherita) presents the new release of "Harmonia Mundi", a limited edition label that was born inside the Convent of San Francesco della Vigna, the oldest urban vineyard in Venice, dating back to the thirteenth century.
The "IsolaLeVignole" project was the brainchild of four Venetians and a Friulian entrepreneur (Antonio Vianello, owner of the former historic Trattoria alle Vignole, Carlo Zangrando, an agricultural entrepreneur, Roberto Boem, owner of Destination Venice in Venice, Francesco Ghisini, a Venetian lawyer, and Marco Perco, owner of the Roncús winery in Friuli Venezia Giulia). In the 60s and 70s of the twentieth century, people arrived at Isola alle Vignole by boat to eat pasta with bovoletti (land snails, found in the brushwood near the sea), accompanied by a glass of wine with soda. Since 2020 the ancient Trattoria alle Vignole had been closed, but reopens, as of today, with a completely new look, which places respect for the territory, its cultural identity and its specific biodiversity at the center of its work. The property includes spaces for private and corporate events, an organic vegetable garden and a native vineyard, where wines are produced for guided tastings. All the vegetable, fruit and grape crops grown at "IsolaLeVignole" come from brackish soil, giving a slight salty and characteristic flavor to the fruits of the earth, including wine, which has a slight salty aftertaste: the roots of the vine, in fact, absorb the salt contained in the soil of this small island, offering an extraordinary sensorial experience.
"Harmonia Mundi" is a limited edition wine, whose first recent release was in 2015, produced in the ancient Convent of San Francesco dalla Vigna. Since 2020, the agronomists and technicians of Santa Margherita, a group owned by the Marzotto family, have intervened to support the friars in the management of the vineyard and in the production of wine. The new release of "Harmonia Mundi" - whose name derives from the writing "Harmonia Mundi" by Francesco Zorzi, designer of the sixteenth-century façade of the church - will be presented on June 5th, in the exclusive version by Santa Margherita.

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