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“Cantina Italia”: stocks at 31.3 million hectolitres, half in Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany

In the cellar 15.95 million hectolitres of PDO, 7.74 million hectolitres of PGI and 7.66 million hectolitres of generic wines
The barrel cellar of Borgo Conventi

With the harvest in the thick of the action, there is room to make in the cellars of the Belpaese, ready to accommodate the 46 million hectoliters that will be produced in the coming weeks in Italy, but in which there is still room for a significant amount of stocks: 31.35 million hectolitres, to be precise, divided between 15.95 million hectolitres of PDO, 7.74 million hectolitres of PGI and 7.66 million hectolitres of other wines and varieties with no designation, as emerges from the data of the latest bulletin “Cantina Italia” of the Icqrf, on data of the Telematic Register updated to September 1, 2019. This is a marked and expected drop from the 41.23 million hectolitres of the latest revelation, based on data of July 31, 2019, which maintains unchanged or almost unchanged the proportions between the different Regions. The Veneto region still boasts the best stocked wine cellar, with 8.04 million hectolitres of wine (4.67 of PDO wines, 2.04 of PGI wines and 1.32 of generic wines, equal to 25.64% of the total), of which 1.81 million hectolitres of Prosecco, the denomination wine of which Italy has the largest stocks.

Behind Veneto, Emilia Romagna, with 3.92 million hectolitres (0.73 of PDO wines, 0.9 of PGI and 2.28 of generic wines), then Tuscany, with 3.1 million hectolitres (2.04 of PDO wines, 0.78 of PGI and 0.27 of generic wines), followed by Piedmont, which "in the cellar" can still count on 3.07 million hectolitres of wine (2.08 of PDO wines, 0.18 of PGI and 0.8 of generic wines), and from Sicily, with 2.41 million hectolitres (1 of PDO wines, 0.87 of PGI and 0.53 of generic wines). Back to the denominations, behind Prosecco the one with the most wine in the cellar is Terre Siciliane, with 1.05 million hectolitres, ahead of IGP Veneto (1.03 million hectolitres) and Sicily (1 million hectolitres). Then it is the turn of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (882,000 hectoliters), followed in this special classification of the denominations by the wines Delle Venezie (873,000 hectoliters), IGP Toscana (794,000 hectoliters), Chianti (783,000 hectoliters), IGP Puglia (738,000 hectoliters) and IGP Salento (564,000 hectoliters), to close the “top ten” of the denominations with more stocks in Italian wineries.
Looking at the most prestigious denominations, Chianti Classico has 490,000 hectoliters in the cellar, Barolo 405,000 hectoliters, Amarone 394,000 hectoliters, Franciacorta 331,000 hectoliters, Brunello di Montalcino 306,000 hectoliters, Soave 248,000 hectoliters, Nobile di Montepulciano 186,000 hectoliters, Barbaresco 109,000 hectoliters and Lugana 100,000 hectoliters.

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