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Cantine Riunite & CIV leads in turnover (566.1 million euros, of which 365 for Italian Wine Group), Marchesi Antinori is number one for hectares of vines owned (2.681), Enoitalia is tops for the number of bottles produced (88.3 million), Tenuta San Guido is at the top for ratio between EBITDA and turnover, or profitability (55%), Vitevis Cellars has the highest turnover growth compared to 2015 (+36%), Casa Vinicola Bosco Malera, largest increase in foreign sales (+ 59.98%) and Cantine Sgarzi Luigi, most exports (99% of the total).
These are the number ones on the journalist Anna di Martino’s traditional analysis on Italian wine (www.annadimartino.it), published in Corriere della Economia, the financial weekly of "Corriere della Sera", resulting from the 2016 financial statements of the largest Italian companies. These are the top of the top wineries and businesses = of one of the most flourishing economic sectors in Italy, where the top 107 companies yield more than 5.8 billion euros in turnover (of the 12 billion estimated for the entire industry), 145.000 hectares of vineyards (of the total 660.000 in Italy), 61% of exports and 48% on the domestic market, 2 billion bottles produced and 11.298 employees.
The journalist Di Martino remarked that among the top companies, “once again Marchesi Antinori stands out: it is fourth in the standings, but it would be third if consolidated assets were considered, as they exceed 200 million. It is also number one for vineyards owned and profitability, taking into account the amount of its turnover compared to that of Tenuta San Guido (30 million euros)”.
This is the snapshot of the diverse Italian wine world, where large bottling companies and winemakers, top tier “family run” wineries and large industrial groups, private companies and more and more cooperatives, all coexist. The journalist pointed out that this year there are 46 cooperatives that account for 44.3% of total sample turnover and 35.3% of exports. The ranking also shows an increase in companies with a turnover of more than 100 million euros.
“There are 17 this year”, Di Martino told WineNews, “including three new entries: Schenk Italian Wineries, a subsidiary of the Swiss group Schenk, in the ranking for the first time with 108.3 million euros in turnover, Marchesi Frescobaldi at number 16 with 101.2 million and the Venetian Co-operative La Marca Vini e Spumanti, specialized in the production of Prosecco”.
Looking at the rankings in detail, for sales, following Cantine Riunite and CIV there is the Caviro Group at 227.2 million euros, Zonin 1821 at 193 (first private Italian company, ed.), just ahead by a whisper of Antinori at 192.2, Cavit at 177.9, Fratelli Martini at 173.9, Casa Vinicola Botter Carlo & C. at 165, Mezzacorona Group at 163.4, Santa Margherita Group at 158 and Enoitalia at 147.5 million euros. Enoitalia, is the top private company for number of bottles produced in 2016, at 88.3 million bottles, ahead of Casa Vinicola Botter Carlo at 81.8, Fratelli Martini at 78, Mondodelvino Group at 63, Schenk Italian Wineries at 57.3, Zonin 1821 at 50.2, Italian Wine Brands at 45, Casa Vinicola Caldirola at 35.9, Cielo e Terra at 29, Villa Sandi at 26, Ruffino 24.9 million bottles, Marchesi Antinori at 23.5, Castellani at 21.6, Chiarli at 21, Toso at 19, Santa Margherita Group at 18.9, Farnese Group at 17.4 and Casa Vinicola Sartori 17. These are the only 18 Italian private businesses that produce over 17 million bottles per year.
There are 23 companies who own over 200 hectares of vineyards. Number one, as mentioned, is Marchesi Antinori with 2.681 hectares, then Zonin 1821 with 1.990, Marchesi Frescobaldi 1.270, Terra Moretti 1.084, Banfi 1.000, and Tenute di Genagricola, 900. following at quite a distance: Cusumano with 520, Bertani Domains with 440, Feudi di San Gregorio 420, Tasca d’Almerita 386, Planeta 382, Masi Agricola 329, Cecchi 298, Fratelli Martini 295, Lungarotti 250, Mastroberardino and Argiolas 230, Agricola San Felice 215, Umani Ronchi 212, Barone Ricasoli 209, Corte Giara Allegrini 206, Lunelli Group (Ferrari) and Tenute Piccini, 200 hectares.
There are 19 companies with profitability exceeding 20% of turnover. The top spot goes the “cradle” of Sassicaia Tenuta San Guido (55%), second place is Marchesi Antinori (42.30%), then Cusumano (35%), Santa Margherita Group (34.80%), Marchesi Frescobaldi (34.10%), Castellani (30.50%), Ruffino (26.83%), Planeta (26.60%), Agricola San Felice (24.70%), Masi Agricola (24%), Falesco , Terra Moretti (22,60%), Guido Berlucchi, Lunelli Group and Umberto Cesari (all at 22%), Donnafugata (21%), and Argiolas, Astoria Vini and Umani Ronchi (all at 20%).
The "Top 10" of companies that registered the largest growth in turnover in 2016 over 2015, Cantine Vitevis (+ 36%), ahead of La Marca (33.72%), Bosco Malera (+ 33.71%), Vivallis (+ 33%), Santa Margherita Group (+ 32.9%), Cantina di Rauscedo (+ 32.73%), Vi.V.O Cantine (+ 23.1%), Cantina Sgarzi Luigi (+ 23.21%), Cantina Montelliana and Colli Asolani (+ 23%).
The Top 10 for wineries registering growth in sales abroad are: first place for Bosco Malera with a 59.98% jump, then Varvaglione Vigne and Vini (+ 50%) and Santa Margherita Group (+ 47.6%). In fourth place, Cantine Vitevis (+ 45%), then La Marca (+ 39.4%), Cantine 4 Valli (+ 32%), Viticoltori Friuliani La Delizia (+ 27.6%), Lunelli Group (+ 25%), Cantina Montelliana and Colli Asolani (+ 25%) and Cantina Sgarzi Luigi (+ 23.2%).
The most important and organized Italian wine companies have a propensity to export well above 60% but there are 10 that export over 86%. Cantina Sgarzi Luigi, at the top of this special ranking, totals almost 99%, ahead of Adria Vini at 98.9%, Casa Vinicola Botter Carlo 96.9%, Farnese Group 96.7 %, Ruffino 93.49%, Castellani 91%, Fratelli Martini 89.7%, Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine and Carpineto, both at 88%,and finally Mondodelvino Group at 87%.
And, finally, there are companies that have grown enormously in Italy as well, such as Allegrini (+ 76.9%), Tenute Piccini (57.5%), Varvaglione Vigne e Vini (+ 50%) and Masi Agricola (+ 40%).

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