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DO reorganization, promoting, wine and health, sustainability: UIV priorities for the new government

Unione Italia Vini (UIV) list of proposals, medium and long-term remedial measures, to solve urgent problems in the wine sector
UIV’s requests for the new government

The numbers speak for themselves, and confirm (for once) pollsters and analysts’ expected outcomes over the last few weeks. The center-right has swept the political elections, and is preparing to govern the Country having won a solid majority in both branches of Parliament. It will take a few more weeks for the Government, which in all probability will be led by Giorgia Meloni, to officially take office (the Chambers will meet and officially begin the 19th Legislature on October 13th, ed.). However, the Italian production chain has immediately set in motion and drawn up its list of priorities and urgent issues. Wine has its needs as well, in order to be ready for the challenge of the markets in a very complex historical moment, as we have written about over the last few months on WineNews. Unione Italiana Vini (UIV), led by Lamberto Frescobaldi, is the first organization in the wine sector to present a list of its proposals, including medium and long-term remedial measures.

There are four main subject matters on which Unione Italiana Vini (UIV) is focusing its analyses and agenda. The first issue is what has been the strong point during Lamberto Frescobaldi's presidency, namely reorganizing PDOs and PGIs, with dynamic proposals such as amalgamation into macro denominations of DO's where bottled rates are less than 50%. Then, the matter of promotion is fundamental, because CMO funds to defend the future are at stake, as well as the various logistics in allocating resources. These reward, for instance, achieving objectives and performances on target markets, aiming to establish multi-year plans capable of supporting multi-year programming in target countries, crystallizing the rules of National calls. This is further linked to the conflicted issue dedicated to wine and health, because the European Union’s achievements (the vote on the "Cancer Plan") have been questioned by the latest WHO vote in Tel Aviv. The “Mediterranean” consumption model, meaning wine in moderation, according to the Unione Italia Vini (UIV) and according to the entire Italian wine chain, must be defended in all International locations. Finally, there is sustainability, which has been regulated in the vineyard and in the winery with the National Sustainability Certification disciplinary dated March 16, 2022, but it can still be implemented over the next few years.

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