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Each wine has its own book: with Chianti and Barbera d’Alba the Librobottiglia literary series grow

The labels of the bottles become stories of Alessandro Barbaglia, finalist of the “Premio Strega 2021” and of the journalist Sebastiano Vernazza
The new “Librobottiglia”

Two of the most popular wines, Chianti and Barbera d’Alba, paired with two stories signed by Alessandro Barbaglia, finalist of the “Premio Strega 2021”, and Sebastiano Vernazza, journalist of the “La Gazzetta dello Sport”: the “Librobottiglia” project is expanded, the small literary series that combine good wine and reading with the labels of the bottles that open and turn into a story.
In anticipation of the Christmas holidays, in fact, two new books are arriving: the book of the writer Alessandro Barbaglia, “Schianti. Un racconto, anzi due”, which tells a succession of stories in a Tuscan square, with an unpredictable ending, in total harmony with the Chianti Superiore of the Petrognano Farm, and could not have been otherwise because the wine literally inspired the story and “I wrote history while drinking Chianti”, reveals Barbaglia. And the book of the journalist Sebastiano Vernazza, “Il primo bacio, e anche il secondo”, romantic tale full of humor that develops over a period of time between two kisses and is paired with the Barbera d’Alba from the Mattia Coreggia winery.
This two news stories are added to the others already present in the “Librobottiglia”, like “Il bambino più buono del mondo” by Danilo Zanelli, to be read while drinking the Chianti Superiore from the Petrognano Farm, and Michele Navarro’s poems dedicated to the night, to be “tasted” together with the Pass The Cookies! Passito of Di Lenardo. The other books are all paired with wines from the Piedmontese company Matteo Correggia: Barbera d’Alba also goes well with “Post finestrino” by the journalist and writer Tommaso Pellizzari, Roero can be tasted by reading “Pescatore Perfetto” by the singer-songwriter Marco Iacampo, which talks about a simple hobby that becomes a passion and reveals the enchanting events behind the birth of a song, or “Ti amo. Dimenticami” by the writer and cultural producer Regina Nadaes Marques, chronicle of a love that changes life, the Anthos brechetto is conbined with “La Rana nella Pancia”, a fable written by the songer-songwriter Patrizia Laquidara, while for Roero Arneis the choice is between “L’illuminazione” by the novelist and playwright Sal Costa, a tragicomic story that can be read in one breath, and “L’omicidio”, hilarious thriller by the satirist Danilo Zanelli.

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