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Ferrari Trento is the official toast of Formula 1. Italian bubbles have “surpassed” Champagne

Ferrari Trento will be on the podium of all the Grand Prix for the next three years. Matteo Lunelli said it is “a source of great pride, a milestone of our strategy in the world”

Passion, excellence and an obsessive attention to detail are the values shared in one of the most important partnerships between the great International sport and Italian wine. Ferrari, Trentodoc’s leading winery and symbol of Italian style throughout the world, is now the official toast of Formula 1, and, the Italian bubbles that have “toppled” Champagne, will bathe all the podiums of the top International motor racing championship (and will be the official hospitality drink of the “Paddock Club”), which counts 500 million fans worldwide, for the next three seasons. “It is a source of great pride for all the people who work with us, as well as a milestone for the growth of our brand abroad. We will bring a touch of “luxury Italian style” to the Formula 1 circuit”, said Matteo Lunelli, at the helm of Ferrari Wineries, during the announcement of the partnership with the company's CEO, Simone Masè, and the CEO of Formula 1, Stefano Domenicali.

“The history of Ferrari has always been linked to great moments in sports, such as the toast at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid in 1982, with the Italian National Soccer Team, World Champions, or the myriad of toasts for the Italian Juventus team championships, or those of Prada Luna Rossa that won the Prada Cup, and now is competing for the America’s Cup, and the podium of the Monza Grand Prix in the 80s. However, this partnership is a very special thing”, said Matteo Lunelli, “because we will be the toast for all the Grand Prix Formula 1 awards, and we are certain that it will be a fundamental step and a milestone for the story of our brand all over the world”.

“As an Italian, I am very happy”, said the CEO of Formula 1 and former top manager of the Scuderia Ferrari, Stefano Domenicali, “the toast on the podium represents the moment of maximum sharing of the excitement of the race, amongst the drivers, the team and the fans. The values of Formula 1 are the same as those of Ferrari Trento. The quality of the product and the company were the business card that paved the way for this partnership”. It has come at an obviously complex moment in time, “but moments of crisis are also moments of great opportunity, therefore, we have decided to engage in this ambitious project because we believe in the prospects of Ferrari Trento and the dream that Giulio Ferrari began, over a century ago”. “It is a great opportunity for Italian wine, and for Italy in general”, the CEO of Ferrari Trento, Simone Masè told WineNews, “and it will bring us great renown. We will certainly try to build numerous wide-ranging activities around this partnership, and this will certainly happen thanks to our partners around the world ”.
“Excellence is not an act, but a habit”, concluded Matteo Lunelli, quoting Aristotle, “and wine becomes excellence thanks to the many gestures of many people; those who take care of the vineyard, those who pamper the grapes, those who cradle our wines, those who package them and then those who narrate them around the world. It is teamwork and passion, and continuous research, which we share with many sports environments. I am always amazed at how many people are behind an F1 car in search of perfection in every detail, and we do the same thing to narrate the territory of Trentino. Getting on the Formula 1 podium is both a goal as well as a starting point for us. It is a milestone because it demonstrates the authority and appreciation that Ferrari Wineries enjoy internationally, merit of the talent and intense work of our entire team. It is a starting point because we are preparing to live an extraordinary adventure that will let us bring a touch of conviviality and Italian art of living to the world of Formula 1”.
The Formula 1 Championship will kick off on March 28th with the Bahrain Gulf Air Grand Prix, and will then continue with a full calendar of events in which Ferrari Trento will be right in the front row to toast together with drivers and fans. The real debut at home will be at the Imola Grand Prix, scheduled for April 18th.

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