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France, then Japan, USA, Spain, and Italy: the ranking of the three stars in the world

The cousins from across the Alps put together 27 top addresses, the Japanese as many as 24, and the Spanish overtake
The tenth three Michelin stars of Italy, Mauro Uliassi

It is time to review the panorama of starred restaurants around the world, also to understand how Italy fits into the world cuisine painted by the Rossa, undoubtedly the guide still most respected and influential, but that in recent years there is competition from different rankings and scores. Let’s start from Belpaese, which with the rise to Olympus of the three stars of Uliassi in Senigallia, home of chef Mauro Uliassi, has ten top addresses. To join the restaurant in the Marche region, the St. Moritz, the St. Moritz. Hubertus in San Cassiano (Norbert Niederkofler), Osteria Francescana in Modena (Massimo Bottura), Le Calandre in Rubano (Alajmo brothers), Da Vittorio in Brusaporto (Cerea brothers), the Pergola of the Hilton in Rome (Heinz Beck), the Piazza Duomo of Alba (Enrico Crippa), the Enoteca Pinchiorri of Florence (Annie Feolde), the Dal Pescatore of Canneto sull'Oglio (Nadia Santini) and the Reale of Castel di Sangro (Niko Romito).
Better, as always and as you can imagine, is France,
which has 27 three stars, two of which are newcomers, the Mirazur of Menton, under the guidance of the chef of Italian origin Mauro Colagreco, and Le Clos des Sens in Annecy-le-Vieux. But above us, there is also Spain, leading with Portugal, but eleven restaurants with three Michelin stars thanks to a new entry that comes from Marbella, Dani Garcia. In fact, just behind France, there is another cuisine that for years, but in the end for centuries, and in any case for long before Michelin arrived, is the reference point for the whole world, that of Japan, to which two guides are dedicated: one for Tokyo, with thirteen three-star restaurants, including the novelty of L’Osier (French cuisine, in Chuo-ku), the other for Kyoto, seven three-star Michelin restaurants, Osaka, four three-star Michelin restaurants, and Tottori.

Remaining in Asia, there is also a high concentration of three red stars dedicated to Hong Kong clubs, with seven restaurants, one of which is new, Caprice, and Macao, with three restaurants including the new entry Jade Dragon. Finally, Shanghai, the Chinese gastronomic capital with a three-Michelin-star restaurant.
Flying across the globe, in the United States, the most gourmand city is still San Francisco, with eight three Michelin star restaurants, and two new entries, Atelier Crenn, and Single Thread. Then there is New York, which at the expense of the number of inhabitants and cultural centrality from every point of view must instead “settle” for 5 top addresses, while Washington DC toasts to its first three-star restaurant, The Inn at Little Washington, reaching Chicago. Back in Europe, the five three-star restaurants of the guide Great Britain and Ireland stand out, while to close the circle there are the three Michelin stars of Switzerland and Holland and the only Michelin star of Belgium and Luxembourg.

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