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From distribution to production: Alberto Massucco Champagne, the first to have an Italian name

The Piedmont entrepreneur, distributor of small and sought-after maisons, will be ready to debut his wines on the market in the spring

Italy is participating more and more in the variegated world of Champagne, and the reason is not only because Italy is one of the most important markets for the French denomination. As a matter of fact, the first Italian owned Maison has existed for years, and it is ENCRY by Enrico Baldin and Nadia Nicoli, in Le-Mesnil-Sur-Oger. In addition, the historical Prosecco Serena 1881 wine company has owned the Champagne brand De Valmont, since 2007, and further, since 2020 Allier has been under the aegis of the “Italian” multinational, Campari. And now, the first brand to have an Italian name, namely, Alberto Massucco Champagne, is about to debut. It is the result of the evolution of the professional life of Alberto Massucco, a Piedmont entrepreneur, who began his adventure in the wine world as an importer and distributor of Champagne in Italy. And then, “thanks to his friendship with one of the topmost Champagne producers, Erick De Sousa, his adventure as a producer began. In 2018, the two entrepreneurs”, a note explained, “started a collaboration, united by a common passion, which led Erick to follow and monitor the Alberto Massucco Champagne line, combining his savoir faire with Alberto's intuitions, in a blend of elegance and finesse that only the union between French knowledge and Italian spirit can create”.
Massucco, as a note explained, “will make its debut on the Italian market with its own brand, “ Mon idée de Cramant”, on sale starting in the spring of 2022”. The bottle is a cuvée limited edition of only 500 bottles, rigorously numbered, and was produced thanks to the exceptional 2018 vintage that the Cramant vineyards, a Grand Cru village of Côte de Blanc, offered to wine producers.
In the autumn of 2022, we will be able to toast with Cuvée Mirede, a tribute to his wife, who for years, has supported and followed him in achieving his goals. Furthermore, in 2023 he will release his Blanc de Blancs 100% Chardonnay, Millesimato Alberto Massucco Champagne Grand Cru 2018. “A Champagne label gives little and essential information. The shape of the bottle, instead, tends to hint at something more. When it is uncorked, poured and tasted, its structure, character and dream burst forth. Plus, it tells you where it comes from and, above all, where it wants to lead you”, Massucco said, telling the story of his interests and the important work hidden behind a careful and sophisticated selection of the French wines he represents.
Massucco has selected all small independent houses, “Récoltant Manipulant”, which stand out for their finesse and elegance, and put the true essence of Champagne into the glasses. Rochet-Bocart, Jean-Philippe Trousset, Gallois-Bouché and Fa'Bulleuses are the four maisons that he imports and distributes exclusively in Italy, chosen to express their affinity with the soul of French wine.

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