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From Transylvania to the Brunello vineyards: “Mr. Cacuci” buys vineyard and winery in Montalcino

WineNews rumors: the Romanian doctor purchased Il Paradiso (Fastelli), including 5 hectares Brunello, for 5 million euros

From Transylvania to the Brunello vineyards, and from the hospital in Romania to the great Italian wine area. According to WineNews rumors, this is the path that Gogu Cacuci, medical doctor and entrepreneur at the head of the Pelican Group, private health leader in Transylvania, has taken to invest in Montalcino, purchasing the Fastelli winery - Azienda Agricola Il Paradiso, the property located in the micro-zone of Montosoli. The wine farm covers a total area of ??6.5 hectares, 5 of which are registered in Brunello di Montalcino, and it produces around 20-25.000 bottles. The deal would be estimated at about 5 million euros, including the winery, the bottles already in the aging process and the wine farm. The company would take on the new name, "The Paradise of Cacuci". Mr. Cacuci’s investment, therefore, is yet another new flag in terms of origin of capital and property, in the land of Brunello, now studded with property owners that come from the USA, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Panama and more. This is just the most recent transaction in the past few months that has moved capital to Montalcino, one of the most prestigious areas in the wine world, where quotations for one hectare of vineyard, according to WineNews estimates, fluctuates between 750.000 and 900.000 euros (an extraordinary recapitalization of +4.500% in just over 50 years, while values ??have practically doubled since 2016 alone).

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