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In the G7 countries, online searches on “wine” and “Italian wine” leads to Prosecco

In ByTek’s analysis, consumer interests related to wine, from grape variety to producer, from scores to accessories

In Italy, the number of average annual online searches on “wine” is much lower than in France, USA, and Canada. Prosecco is the most sought-after wine in the world, followed by Chardonnay. In Germany there is an increasing interest in “how to make wine”, while in Japan people are looking for sommelier courses, with the general trend for the search of wine and Italian wine, that is growing everywhere. This is what emerges from the “Wine in G7 Countries” analysis, signed by the marketing company ByTek, on online searches between 2015 and 2018 on “Wine” and “Italian Wine” in Italy, France, Germany, UK, USA, Canada and, Japan. It shows that, for example, the needs of the French are different from those of the Japanese, and that December is the best month to organize marketing campaigns in countries such as Canada or Great Britain. Also in the G7 countries, when looking for the word “Italian wines”, the most sought -after is Prosecco, with the sole exception of Japan, where Chardonnay wine is the mainly sought. These are followed by Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ribolla Gialla and Lambrusco. In France, specific searches on wine are focused in December with a growing interest in composition and grape variety. Searches on Italian wine mainly concern the word Prosecco, with a positive trend for producers and sources of information such as magazines and guides. In Great Britain, too, searches are concentrated in December, with a strong interest in the accessories category and rising trends for purchases, events and magazines/guides. Prosecco is the most sought-after Italian grape variety, with a growing interest in places and work. In Germany, there is no periodicity of research, while the trend is concentrated mainly on the accessories category, with a growing interest in the grape variety, events and how to make wine. In the United States, there is a high quantity of general research on wine and Italian wine, with Prosecco always as the most sought-after, with growing interest for producers. General research trends are also growing in Canada, with periodicity in December and growing interest in purchases and events, and Prosecco always at the top on Italian wine researches. In Japan, instead, our most “keyed” grape variety is Chardonnay, with a growing interest in the regions of production and sommelier courses.
When Italians look for wine online, they mainly look for the name of the wine, then usually rankings, producers and types. The research trend is growing strongly without any specific periodicity. Most of the searches are concentrated in the region, type and grape cluster. However, there is also increasing interest in purchase and producer. Searches of Italian wine are still focused on Prosecco, where the clusters with high growth trends are the name, rankings and info, with the most sought after Prosecco producers that are Drusian, Soligo and Mionetto. As regards Chardonnay, the clusters with high growth trends are rankings, names and recipes, and the most sought after producers are Banfi and Ca’ del Bosco. As regards Ribolla Gialla the growing clusters are wineries and producers, price and sale, and the most sought after producers are Bastianich and Felluga.

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