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Istat data: in the first 9 months of 2018 Italian wine exports in the world increased

Among the top markets good U.S. and Germany, stable Britain, Switzerland, Canada and China grow, bad Japan and Russia
The wine dualism between Italy and France

It is still too early for a final balance, but 2018 of Italian wine exports, according to estimates, will mark a new record value, at 6.1 billion euros, slightly higher than in 2017. This trend has been surrogate by data, albeit partial, from ISTAT, which tells us that the main Italian wine markets are growing or stable, with some countries falling slightly. At the end of September, exports of wine (including musts and sparkling wines, bottled, bag in box and bulk, merchandise code 2204, ed), reached 4.4 billion euros, up 3.7% over the first nine months of 2017.
USA still at the top, at 1.07 billion euros (they were 1.03 billion euros in September 2017), but Germany is also growing, at 739 million euros (from 719 million euros), while the United Kingdom, which is still struggling with the imponderable effects of Brexit, is stable at 560 million euros.
Switzerland is growing, a nearby and particularly rich market, which in the first nine months of 2018 imported 263 million euros of Italian wine, from 246 million euros a year before. Canada is also doing well, at 243.8 million euros (from 241.8 million euros).
Surprisingly, among the top destinations, there is France, at 139 million euros, followed by Sweden, at 130 million euros (from 120 million euros), which exceeds Japan, down from 123 to 121 million euros. The Netherlands also performed very well, at 104 million euros (from 96 million euros), followed by Denmark, at 99 million euros, slightly down, followed by Belgium, with 90 million euros (from 88 million euros).
A step further down is China, which, as the ISTAT data point out, reaches 87 million euros (from 84 million euros), while Russia, after an excellent 2017, marks the step, falling to 65 million euros (from 70 million euros), like Norway, and behind Austria, 71.3 million euros. Poland should not be underestimated, with very strong growth of 41.9 million euros (from 34 million euros). Finally, in South America, Brazil, down to 25.9 million euros (from 27.5 million euros), and Mexico, up to 28.7 million euros (from 26.2 million euros).

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