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Istat, shipments of wine, in the first half of 2019, led by the U.S. (+1.9%) and Germany (+3.7%)

In terms of value, two key destinations such as Great Britain (-1.9%) and Switzerland (-0.8%) are holding back
Istat, export country by country in the first half of 2019

As shown by Istat data, analyzed by WineNews, wine exports, in the first half of 2019, grew by 3.1%, to 3 billion euros, and, according to the elaborations of the Qualivita Wine Observatory, on Istat data, in terms of value, shipments have a positive sign for both the main destination markets: the USA, + 1.9%, for a value of over 736 million euros, and Germany, + 3.7% for 514 million euros, while the other two main destinations show a decline, United Kingdom (-1.9 %, 342 million euros) and Switzerland (-0.8%, 186 million euros). Particularly good trends were confirmed by France (+ 9.3%, for a value close to 100 million euros), which had already registered a + 10.1% on total annual exports in 2018, the Netherlands (+14 , 2%) and Japan (+ 15.0%), which thus recovers the stall shown in 2018, and exceeds 91 million euros.

Among the large non-European markets, China continues to cover a slice of reduced exports (2.1%) but with a good trend (+ 4.9%) in the first six months of 2019, while growth in the Russian market (+ 14.7%), but Canada is also doing well (+ 1.7%). Other destinations include important trends in Poland (+ 20.7%) and South Korea (+ 14.6%), which confirm the growth shown already in the year 2018 respectively of + 23.3% and +14 , 6%, but also in the Czech Republic (+ 20.2%), Spain (+ 17.1%) and Ukraine (+ 17.4%). 60% of Italian wine exports in value, on the whole, are destined for Europe (+ 3.3%), 31% for America (+ 1.4%), 7.7% for Asia ( + 8.0%).

In terms of quantity, there was an increase of +8.8% in total Italian wine exports in the first six months of 2019 compared to the same period in 2018. Growth was recorded above all in Europe (+11.2%) and Asia (+19.5%), while in America there was a slight decrease in exported volumes (-0.8%), against an increase in value (+1.4%), a sign that these markets were able to affirm a higher price of the product exported.

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