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Italian wine restarting in London, a milestone in the “Simply Italian Great Wines”, by IEM

Italy’s third market in the wine sector, UK, is a challenging destination today, between Brexit and the pandemic, but still absolutely fundamental
London welcomes Italian wine

Here we go again, literally, and finally, in person. Following “Vinitaly Special Edition 2021”, which symbolically reopened the doors to normality in the wine world business. It brought a breath of fresh air and definitely positive feelings to all the professionals, both Italian and foreign, as well as to the producers. “Simply Italian Great Wines ”, the heart of international actions implemented by IEM - International Exhibition Management led by Giancarlo Voglino and Marina Nedic, which has practically never stopped and has rediscovered the pleasure of normality. Great Britain is one of the fundamental markets for Italian wine, where a bit of everything, from the phenomenon of Bordeaux to that Porto and Marsala, has begun. History - with a capital “H” - has passed through here, and London remains one of the primary hubs for the world wine trade. It is the third market for Italian wine, behind the USA and Germany. Historically and geographically it is a close destination, which suddenly has become distant, since it decided, perhaps too hastily, to leave the European Union.
Brexit has represented the greatest upheaval within the Old World since the fall of the Berlin Wall. However, then it was a moment of reunification and opening, today we are experiencing a real split, both geopolitical and economic, and all the consequences therein. There are very significant changes on the trade balance between the UK and the EU, because everything is more difficult outside the single market. On the other hand, Great Britain remains an essential destination for many goods produced by the European Union. When, however, the pandemic and bureaucracy bring shipments down, like what happened to Italian wine, the sector is definitely troubled. The first two months of summer, that is, June and July, were essential to mend the gap at the beginning of the year, when the numbers of Italian wine exports were in enormous difficulty, and they did so in a decidedly positive general context. At the end of July, the last period ISAT reported on, shipments returned to the same levels as the same period in 2020, that is, 369.7 million euros, though far from the numbers in 2019. Starting now, we will need to grow, and to do that, it is crucial to reconnect with the galaxy of wine merchants, mass retail and British catering, which on October 21st met in London, in Westminster, the heart of the British government, a stone’s throw from Parliament and from Downing Street, number 10, the home of Premier Boris Johnson. Here, in the splendid setting of the Church House, several of the topmost Italian wine Consortiums - in terms of numbers and prestige – will be on the London stage of “Simply Italian Great Wines”. There will be Masterclasses dedicated to Chianti and the wines of the Marche, to Custoza and Delle Venezie, to Collio and Garda wines, to Abruzzi and Moscato d’Asti productions, presented by the wine writer and WSET teacher, Emily O’Hare and the journalist, Walter Speller, and wines to taste in the walk-around tasting dedicated to professionals in the sector.

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