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Italian winemakers: “it is impossible for the virus to survive in wine, or in the packaging”

Many wine professionals have requested clarifications, following consultations with medical doctors and scientists
Italian winemakers: “it is impossible for the virus to survive in wine, or in packaging”

It has been explained over and over again, in every way, shape and form that Coronavirus is not transmitted through merchandise and foods, but evidently it is still not sufficiently clear to many. So, today, the Ministry of Agriculture had to intervene to release the foodstuffs blocked on the border with Slovenia, and of course wine came up, as well. Requests have come from the Italian winemakers, led by Riccardo Cotarella. “Regarding the Covid-19 emergency, the Assoenologists Association has received numerous requests from members and other professional categories, relating to different issues”, explained the Association, “including wine contamination, packaging contamination, and the limit the effects of wine have on viral activity. Therefore, taking all the necessary precautions, because of the fact that this is a new virus, the Assoenologists discussed this issue in depth with the leading representatives of the medical community. They came to the conclusion that it appears impossible for the virus to survive in wine, as the simultaneous combination of alcohol, a hypotonic environment and polyphenols, prevents the virus from living and multiplying. Contamination of packaging appears also very remote, if not statistically non-existent, considering as well the short life of the virus and the absence of a potential “biological” living host. Moderate wine consumption, then, linked to responsible drinking, can contribute to better hygiene of the mouth and pharynx, the areas where viruses nestle during infections”.

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