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Lionel Messi’s official wines are coming. And they are Italian, bottled by MM Winemaker SA

Negramaro and Nero d’Avola, Prosecco and Grillo, and more, for wines branded by the Argentine champion, winner, 8 times, of the Ballon d’Or
Lionel Messi’s official wines are coming. And they are Italian

And even Leo Messi, one of the greatest, if not the greatest soccer champion of all themes, with his 8 Ballon d’Or (never anyone like him), the World Cup with Argentina and countless other titles with Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain and beyond, has his own line of wine. Produced by a Swiss company, but with all-Italian wines. In times of globalization where brands, such as Messi’s, have crazy worldwide value, and there is certainly no shortage of wine to put in bottles, thus the “Lionel Wine Club” and the “Lionel Goat 10 Collections” line are born. The effigy of the Argentinean champion dominates in the labels of all the bottles, with the wines bottled by “MM Winemaker SA”, a company owned by the Maci family, based in Geneva, Switzerland, but with strong ties to Puglia, as stated on the website
The wines? From Prosecco, inevitable, to Negroamaro, from Pinot Grigio to Nero d’Avola, from Grillo to Chardonnay, from Primitivo to Syrah, from Sauvignon to Merlot, ranging from Doc and Igt wines from Puglia, Veneto and Sicily, with different lines, from Goat 10, where wines cost between 30 and 40 euros a bottle (excluding vat) to Titanium (110 euros a bottle), to Diamond, which includes a Taurasi Docg and an Aglianico del Sannio, at 495 euros a bottle.

Announcing the launch on his official Instagram profile, followed by 493 million people, was Leo Messi himself: “Thank you @mmwinemaker for the fabulous “Lionel”wine collection. We are here to raise our glasses and celebrate all the good times. Salud para todos!”.
Yet another point of contact, then, between the great champions of world soccer and the world of wine, with many who have become producers directly (from Andres Iniesta to David Silva, from Andrea Pirlo to Andrea Barzagli, to name just a few), and many more who have lent their faces to a wine project, as soccer legends such as Ronaldinho, Snejder, Zamorano, Roberto Carlos, Marco Materazzi and Julio Cesar, among others, have done for the “Wine of Champions” line, designed by Fabio Cordella (also from Puglia).

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