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Lots of business deals in Bolgheri: Guado al Melo bought 6 hectares and Frescobaldi Podere Arundinet

The Michele Scienza brand has increased to 21 hectares in Bolgheri DOC. And, potentially 40.000 more bottles for the Masseto and Ornellaia families

Negotiations and new acquisitions on the wine territories’ stock markets are at the forefront, and Bolgheri is the leader, where one hectare of vines is now worth well over 500.000 euros. Michele Scienza (son of Attilio Scienza, one of the leading experts in viticulture in the world and professor of Viticulture at the University of Milan), and Annalisa Motta’s Guado al Melo winery in Bolgheri, a wide-ranging enological project, and unique varietal heritage, has acquired another 6 hectares in Bolgheri DOC. The pedoclimate potential is excellent, and planting will start next autumn. A note from Guado al Melo explained to WineNews that the DOC rights in the company’s portfolio will be brought to most of the hectares, and thereby the total will amount to more than 21 hectares of vineyards.
Their investment followed, just a few days later, an even more significant acquisition, economically. Frescobaldi, which controls the Masseto and Ornellaia gems in Bolgheri, has instead purchased Podere Arundineto, as the Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” reported. The purchase was linked above all, or in any case, very significantly, to its project, “Holidays and real estate proposals in Bolgheri and on the Etruscan Coast” (counting 12 hectares, however, of which 10 hectares are in DOC Bolgheri, as well as the winery). As far as wine production is concerned, the new acquisition translates into 40.000 more bottles, which will contribute to the growth of Le Volte dell’Ornellaia, Rosso TGI Toscana and Rosso DOC Serre Nuove, as Lamberto Frescobaldi explained.
Returning to Guado al Melo, as the note from Michele Scienza’s winery stated,
“the idea is to increase production of both Vermentino and our red wines, adopting, as usual, our integrated and sustainable management. We did not make this choice by chance. These are optimal soils because they are very deep and will be able to perfectly support our arid summers, which are more and more prominent due to the ongoing climate change, and followed by Michele Scienza’s skillful artisan production, mainly aimed at subtraction”. “Expanding the vineyards became necessary because of the constant growth in demand for our wines”, the note continued, “and now each year we have a shortage before the release of the following year’s wines. Guado al Melo is not an investment, but rather it is our life. Castagneto Carducci, the Bolgheri DOC, has been our home for over twenty years. The best thing we can do with what it gives to us is to put it back into the land and the territory, and confidently broadening our horizons, but not exaggerating. We absolutely do not want to distort the family and artisan imprint of our work. Instead, we want to continue to get our hands in it personally, together with the invaluable collaboration of our small and close-knit team of women and men”.

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