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Manetti: “Chianti Classico and Menzioni Geografiche Aggiuntive”

The beauty of the Chianti Classico territory is that each and every part, every hill, every “village”

“The study of Menzioni Geografiche Aggiuntive (additional geographic indications), is the first point in my program as I believe the territory is ready to be sub-divided into more homogeneous zones in order to satisfy the needs of both producers and consumers. There are more and more aficionados who are looking for wines that are closely linked to the territory of origin. The beauty of the Chianti Classico territory is that each and every part, every hill, every “village”, has different characteristics, and the wonderful Sangiovese grape reproduces these environmental characteristics, the microclimate, the soil, exposure, and even the culture of the territory more than any other grape. I like to think of Sangiovese as photographic film, where its characteristics remain imprinted in the bottle”. These are the comments of the president of the Chianti Classico Consortium, Giovanni Manetti, who is also at the helm of the Fontodi winery, as he explained to WineNews announcing the course of action in line with the work carried out by the denomination under the previous presidency of Sergio Zingarelli, owner of Rocca delle Macìe. The path towards “MGA” (additional geographic indications), which contemplates extensive “zoning”, obviously, will not be simple, but it is necessary for another jump in quality of the denomination, as well as to definitively consecrate it as one of the most prestigious ones. Steps have already been taken in this sense in recent years, by introducing the Gran Selezione, a kind of “company cru” upon which, following the great success it has reaped, it is possible to think about some further adjustments at the disciplinary level. “The Gran Selezione has been very useful because it has brought great attention to the Chianti Classico territory, and has had a positive effect also on the Reserve, which has increased its numbers. One could also rethink the classification base of the Gran Selezione and perhaps add a little more Sangiovese (today the specification provides 80% minimum), and this could be a solution. We will ponder it”. Meanwhile, Chianti Classico is preparing for a harvest that has hopes for good quantities, and wines of “great balance and elegance”.

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