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Mezzacorona, Abbazia di Novacella, Girlan and not only: the best wines of Trentino Alto Adige

Here are the best wines at the contest “Vini e territorio n. 5”, promoted by Edmund Mach Foundation from San Michele all’Adige
The Mezzacorona vineyards in Trentino

Mezzacorona, Abbazia di Novacella, Maso Poli, Cantina Produttori di Bolzano, Bellaveder, Cantina Rotaliana, Kellerei Girlan and Fratelli Dorigati: they all are the signature wines of the Trentino Alto Adige area, winners of the various categories (on several vintages) dedicated to the grape varieties such as Teroldego, Lagrein, Pinot Grigio and Kerner, at the center of the “Vini e territorio n. 5” contest, promoted by the Edmund Mach Foundation of San Michele all’Adige, in collaboration with the municipalities of the Piana Rotaliana (San Michele all’Adige, Mezzolombardo and Mezzocorona), with the partnership of Assoenologi, which saw 110 labels competing for 55 wineries in Trentino-Alto Adige Südtirol, with four types of wine divided into vintages, judged by a commission made up of 30 experts selected from among oenologists, wine technicians, sommeliers, journalists, from all over Italy, assisted and supported by the students of the enotechnical course of the Foundation. For them, the competition also has a formative value, since it is also proposed as an educational opportunity for the students, who can thus begin to become familiar with the wines and the producers of Trentino and Alto Adige areas, but also understand how the wines are being judged (with the “Enotechnical Course Students Award” which went to the “Teroldego Riserva Luigi Cru Sottodossi” 2019 of the Fratelli Dorigati Winery).

Focus – The best wines of the contest “Vini e territorio n. 5” (in the podium order)
Trentino Dop Pinot grigio harvest 2021
Cantina Mezzacorona Pinot grigio “Castel Firmian” 2021
Gaierhof azienda Vinicola Pinot grigio 2021
Azienda Agricola Grigoletti Pinot grigio 2021

Trentino Dop Pinot grigio harvest 2020 and the previous ones
Azienda Agricola Maso Poli Pinot grigio 2020
Cantina Mezzacorona Pinot grigio “Castel Firmian Riserva” 2020
Tenute Sajni Fasanotti Pinot grigio “Controcanto” 2020

Südtirol- Alto Adige Dop Pinot grigio harvests 2021 and 2020
Cantina produttori Bolzano Pinot grigio 2021
Nals Margreid Pinot grigio “Punggl” 2020
Cantina Produttori Colterenzio Pinot grigio “Puiten” 2020 Südtirol-Alto

Adige Dop Kerner
Abbazia di Novacella Kerner “Praepositus 2020
Cantina Produttori Bolzano Kerner “Puntscheit” 2021
Cantina K. Martini e Sohn Kerner “Palladium” 2021

Trentino Dop Lagrein harvests 2021 and 2020
Azienda Agricola Bellaveder Lagrein “Dunkel” 2020
Cantina La-Vis e Valle di Cembra Lagrein 2021
Cantina Aldeno Lagrein 2021

Trentino Dop Lagrein harvest 2019 and previous ones
Cantina Rotaliana Lagrein “Cor-Tuta” 2017
Azienda agricola Fedrizzi Cipriano Lagrein 2018
Cantina Mezzocorona Lagrein “Castel Firmian Riserva” 2018

Südtirol-Alto Adige Dop Lagrein harvests 2021 and 2020
Cantina produttori Bolzano Lagrein “Baron Eyrl” 2020
Kornell Florian Brig Lagrein “Greif” 2021
Cantina K. Martin e Sohn Lagrein 2020 Südtirol-

Alto Adige Dop Lagrein harvest 2019 and previous ones
Kellerei Girlan H.LUM Lagrein “Sandbichler Riserva” 2018
Weingut Niklas Lagrein “ Bos Taurus Riserva” 2018
Happacherhof Istituto Tecnico Agrario Lagrein “Riserva” 2018
Weingut Ferruccio Carlotto Lagrein “Di Ora in Ora Riserva” 2019

Teroldego Rotaliano Dop 2019
Azienda Vinicola Fratelli Dorigati “Teroldego Riserva Luigi Cru Sottodossi” 2019
Cantina Mezzacorona Teroldego “Castel Firmian” 2019
De Vescovi Ulzbach Teroldego “Vigilius” 2019

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