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More quality and higher prices: growth for those who produce from their vineyards, by Piero Antinori

“2018 positive, also for sales. We expect slight growth in 2019”. The words of one of the founders of the growth of Italian wine in the world
Marchese Piero Antinori

The only way to grow in the wine industry, especially for those who produce wine with their own vineyards and grapes, is to improve the quality, raise prices and increase the blend of their products. This is the “recipe” created in 2018 by Italy’s first private wine company by turnover, Antinori, one of the most important names on the Italian and world wine scene. A clear suggestion, which comes from the final analysis of the year made in recent days by Piero Antinori, for the closure of the Master in “Cultural heritage. Creativity, innovation & management”, in Florence.
“2018 was a good year, the harvest went well despite the differences from area to area due to weather conditions. We are very satisfied with this vintage, even from the sales point of view it was positive, we can not complain, and for the next year - explained Piero Antinori - we expect a slight growth. We cannot grow further because the production is what it is, and we only produce our own products in our vineyards. However, every year we manage to improve the product mix and quality and to sell these products at a higher and more appropriate price.

A company that already combines 2,700 hectares of its vineyards, explains Antinori, “there are no other concrete acquisition processes, but during the year it is likely that something will come up”.

Finally, one of the founders of the spread of Italian wine in the world, shows an overview of the international situation, where there is particular concern about the issue of duties, considering especially the U.S.: “Fortunately, quality agricultural products have not been mentioned, and I hope that even in the future there will be no negative news in this regard”.

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