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Neither the pandemic stops rosé: the share of total wine consumption to 4.4% in 2021

Wine Opinions analysis: who love rosé wine also love red and white wine and sparkling wine. And fans are divide between women (51%) and men (49%)
The growth of rosé

Neither the pandemic stops the race of rosé wines which, led by the productions of Provence, continues to grow in the first half of 2021. The share, in value, of rosé wines on the total wine sold in the world, passes from 3.8% in 2019 to 4.2% in 2020, up to 4.4% in 2021 (in the last 12 months to June 30th). “Rosé wines continue to perform well in the overall table wine category. Sales figures for the past 52 weeks show that rosé, as a category, exceded the sales of other categories in terms of dollars once ahead, such as Moscato, Merlot, a blend of white wines, Riesling and Malbec”, comments Danny Brager of Brager Beverage Alcohol Consulting, at the head of Nielsen beverage alcohol practice, to Wine Opinions, market research providers for the wine world. Who, with his latest survey, outlined the profile of the rosé lover.
Among those who say they love rosé so much, or even define them as their favorite wines, 51% are women and 49% are men. However, who drinks it only sometimes, is in 54% of cases a men, in 46% a woman. Furthermore, rosé lovers are younger than the average of wine lover: 69% are under the age of 60, while among those who choose them only sometimes, 61% are under 60. The most interesting differences between rosé lovers and occasional drinkers concern the tastes of other wines. Both groups put red wines among their favorites: 69% of rosé fans and 79% of occasional rosé drinkers. Only 50% of rosé lovers, on the other hand, put whites among their favorite wines, and 41% also love bubbles. Percentages that fall among the occasional rosé wines: only 29% put white wines in the column of their favorites, and just 14% also indicate bubbles.
Overall, rosé lovers prefer drier rosé wines: 35% prefer “very dry” rosé wines and another 30% prefer “rather dry” rosé wines. Only 20% express a preference for rosé wines with a certain sweetness, with another 15% who have no preferences, but only the curiosity to taste rosé wines of different styles.

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