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“OperaWine 2023”, here are the 130 wineries selected by “Wine Spectator” for “Vinitaly 2023”

They will be the protagonists of the prestigious tasting, signed in Italy by the US magazine, with Vinitaly. 10 new entries, Tuscany is a “queen”, with Piedmont and Veneto
“OperaWine 2023”: here are the 130 wineries selected by “Wine Spectator”

A symbolic event that celebrates Italian wine as a “wine dream” par excellence in the world and, particularly, the timeless passion of Americans for our labels that makes the USA the leading export market for Italy, “OperaWine 2023” unveiled from “wine2wine” the 130 wineries selected by “Wine Spectator” for “Vinitaly 2023” in Verona. Where, on April 1, they will be the protagonists of the most prestigious tasting signed in Italy by the influential American magazine. And which, as has become a well-established tradition, represents the introduction of the reference event for Italian wine (Veronafiere, April 2-5), featuring the iconic wines of 20 Regions, with Tuscany as a “queen”, along with Piedmont and Veneto, and from which 10 “new entry” wineries will arrive (although the total remains the same as in 2022, ed.) to tell the beauty of Italy’s wine, between high quality, elegance, and glamor.
White, reds, rosés, and sparkling wines to represent the best of made in Italy wine for the foreign market, starting with the American one. Vinitaly and “Wine Spectator” (which, a few days ago, closed its cult event in New York, where WineNews participated, the “Wine Experience”, perhaps the most important event in the world of wine) unveil tomorrow (5 pm) at the “wine2wine” at Veronafiere the new selection of 130 wineries of “Operawine 2023”, created in collaboration with the most prestigious American magazine in the sector, directed by Jeffery Lindenmuth, Alison Napjus and Bruce Sanderson. And, among these, there are 10 new entries (and 20 releases) in 2022, with Tuscany (35 selected wineries) leading the way with Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti Classico, Bolgheri, and the Supertuscans, followed by the Piedmont of the prestigious Barolo and Barbaresco (19) and the Veneto of Prosecco, Amarone della Valpolicella, and Soave (17). Down from the podium, but still growing, are two South Regions - Sicily (10) and Campania (8) - in a presence that sees the North with 57 brands, the Center with 44, and the South with 29.
“Wine Spectator” is one of the magazines that have a significant influence on consumers in the reference markets.
In the United States, it is considered an authentic guide to the winemaking lifestyle for a market that has long served as the primary outlet for wine exports, beginning with the Italian market, which, with 2.3 billion euros in value recorded in 2021, accounts for nearly one-third of US imports. This year, thanks to the strong dollar, American demand has fared better than others in terms of the cost surplus caused by inflation: as of the end of September, according to the Uiv / Vinitaly Observatory on a customs basis, imports of bubbles were still positive (+ 6% in volume and +8% in value), while demand for still tricolor wines was decreasing (-7.2% in volume and -1.3% in value). The matching between the selected brands and the top reference wines “OperaWine 2023” will be announced a few days before “Vinitaly 2023” (Veronafiere, 2-5 April).

“Wine Spectator” and Vinitaly, here are the 130 wineries of “OperaWine 2023”
The companies selected by “Wine Spectator” for this edition are 130 (as of 2022, against 186 in 2021, special edition for the tenth anniversary, 103 in 2019, and 107 in 2018).

Abruzzo - Masciarelli
Basilicata - D’Angelo
Basilicata - Elena Fucci
Basilicata - Grifalco della Lucania
Calabria - Librandi
Campania - Mastroberardino
Campania - Feudi di San Gregorio
Campania - Quintodecimo
Campania - Montevetrano
Campania - San Salvatore
Campania - Colli di Lapio
Campania - Terredora di Paolo
Campania - Salvatore Molettieri
Emilia-Romagna - Tenuta Pederzana
Friuli/Venezia-Giulia - Vie di Romans
Friuli/Venezia-Giulia - Marco Felluga
Friuli/Venezia-Giulia - Bastianich
Friuli/Venezia-Giulia - Livio Felluga
Friuli/Venezia-Giulia - Gravner
Friuli/Venezia-Giulia - Jermann
Lazio - Famiglia Cotarella
Liguria - Cantine Lunae Bosoni
Lombardia - Guido Berlucchi
Lombardia - Ca’ del Bosco
Lombardia - Conte Vistarino
Lombardia - Nino Negri
Lombardia - Bellavista
Lombardia - Arpepe
Lombardia - Rainoldi
Marche - Umani Ronchi
Marche - Garofoli
Marche - Bisci
Molise - Catabbo
Piemonte - Produttori del Barbaresco
Piemonte - Pio Cesare
Piemonte - Cavallotto
Piemonte - Giacomo Borgogno & Figli
Piemonte - Vietti
Piemonte - Paolo Scavino
Piemonte - Aldo Conterno
Piemonte - Marchesi di Barolo
Piemonte - Massolino
Piemonte - Elvio Cogno
Piemonte - G.B. Burlotto
Piemonte - G.D. Vajra
Piemonte - Oddero
Piemonte - Pecchenino
Piemonte - Renato Ratti
Piemonte - Giuseppe Mascarello & Figlio
Piemonte - Falletto di Bruno Giacosa
Piemonte - Luciano Sandrone
Piemonte - Roagna
Puglia - Tormaresca (Antinori)
Puglia - Masseria Li Veli
Puglia - Leone de Castris
Sardegna - Agricola Punica
Sardegna - Argiolas
Sicilia - Cusumano
Sicilia - F. Tornatore
Sicilia - Planeta
Sicilia - Morgante
Sicilia - Donnafugata
Sicilia - Tasca d’Almerita
Sicilia - Feudo Montoni
Sicilia - Benanti
Sicilia - Tenuta delle Terre Nere
Sicilia - Graci
Trentino/Alto Adige - Cantina Nals Margreid
Trentino/Alto Adige - Elena Walch
Trentino/Alto Adige - Cantina Terlano
Trentino/Alto Adige - Ferrari
Trentino/Alto Adige - Tenuta San Leonardo
Toscana - Tenuta San Guido
Toscana - Tenuta Sette Ponti (Feudo Maccari)
Toscana - Ornellaia
Toscana - San Filippo
Toscana - Castello Banfi
Toscana - Siro Pacenti
Toscana - Biondi Santi
Toscana - Casanova di Neri
Toscana - Il Poggione
Toscana - Poggerino
Toscana - Barone Ricasoli
Toscana - Rocca delle Macìe
Toscana - Istine
Toscana - San Felice
Toscana - Lamole di Lamole
Toscana - San Giusto a Rentennano
Toscana - Tenuta di Trinoro (Passopisciaro)
Toscana - Vecchie Terre di Montefili
Toscana - Le Macchiole
Toscana - Mazzei (Castello di Fonterutoli)
Toscana - Petrolo
Toscana - Altesino
Toscana - Canalicchio di Sopra
Toscana - Carpineto
Toscana - Castello di Monsanto
Toscana - Castello di Volpaia
Toscana - Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi
Toscana - Valdicava
Toscana - Boscarelli
Toscana - Castellare di Castellina (Rocca di Frassinello & Feudi del Pisciotto)
Toscana - Fattoria di Fèlsina
Toscana - Fontodi
Toscana - Castello di Albola
Toscana - Castello di Ama
Toscana - Rocca di Montegrossi
Umbria - Scacciadiavoli
Umbria - Tabarrini
Umbria - Arnaldo Caprai
Umbria - Lungarotti
Umbria - Antinori /Castello della Sala
Valle d’Aosta - Les Crêtes
Veneto - Masottina
Veneto - Nino Franco
Veneto - Romano Dal Forno
Veneto - Tommasi (Paternoster)
Veneto - Masi
Veneto - Tommaso Bussola
Veneto - Zenato
Veneto - Tedeschi
Veneto - Allegrini
Veneto - Monte del Frà
Veneto - Gini
Veneto - Leonildo Pieropan
Veneto - Prà
Veneto - Roberto Anselmi
Veneto - Suavia
Veneto - Bertani
Veneto - Zymè

Focus - There are 10 companies that will participate for the first time in “OperaWine 2023”:

1. Colli di Lapio
2. San Salvatore
3. Conte Vistarino
4. Masottina
5. Giacomo Borgogno & Figli
6. Feudo Montoni
7. Cantina Nals Margreid
8. Lamole di Lamole
9. Vecchie Terre di Montefili
10. Monte del Frà

Focus - The companies, selected for the 2023 edition, which did not participate in the 2022 edition, are 10:

1. Elena Fucci
2. Tenuta Pederzana
3. Gravner
4. Bellavista
5. Marchesi di Barolo
6. Masseria Li Veli
7. Argiolas
8. Tenuta delle Terre Nere
9. Tenuta Sette Ponti (Feudo Maccari)
10. Arnaldo Caprai

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