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“Previews are useful but need modernizing” said Matteo Ascheri, president of the Barolo Consortium

Meanwhile, the Langhe are first on the calendar, “a risk we must take, but today timing is crucial for markets and the press”
“Previews are useful but need modernizing” said Matteo Ascheri, president of Barolo

Wine previews started in 1993 with the first edition of Benvenuto Brunello, in Montalcino. Over the years they have multiplied significantly, becoming a must and a mandatory appointment in all the most important territories in Italy. They are a "tour de force" for professionals and the press, concentrated and promoted in the first six months of the year, interspersed with the most important national and international fairs. “Previews still have their role to play, of course, but maybe the format is a bit old, and needs to be modernized”, Matteo Ascheri, at the helm of one of the most important and prestigious Italian Consortia, Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe and Dogliani, told WineNews. The Consortium just recently has announced their new idea to redesign the entire classic calendar of Previews; first of all, by moving two January events such as Nebbiolo Prima, of Albeisa, from the 23rd to the 27th of January , and Grandi Langhe on January 28th and 29th, also in Alba, signed by the Piedmont consortium. “Today timing is crucial, because since we’re talking about previews, it is essential to get out early. Obviously it is a compromise, because it can be useful for some wines to be able to wait a few more months, from a technical point of view. But being judged first also means having a bit of a head start in the medias, after which we have decided to take advantage of a quieter and not so busy period of events”. Beyond this, Ascheri reflected on the role of previews and communication, “previews still play an important role for the press and professionals, but their format is probably old fashioned now compared to 20/30 years ago when they were first created. Additionally, we also need to consider the aspect of the representatives of the press that intervene, because it is a well known fact that many of the most influential journalists and critics on the international and Italian levels do not go, because they have to samples to taste sent to them first. As a Consortium, we are also thinking about communication addressed to the professionals to whom Grandi Langhe is dedicated, as well as to the final consumers around the world, who are the ones who really make consumption decisions. There is a project in the works, which will probably see the light in 2020”.

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