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Prosecco Docg, from the Unesco Heritage Vineyard Hills to the “Architecture Biennale 2023” in Venice

“Art is a creation of a man who uses nature by changing its face, the territories are like a canvas on which man paints the landscape”

Works of art are man’s creations that use nature but change its face, territories are like a canvas on which man’s hand paints the landscape, but their nature remains the same and cultivation favours productivity. This is how even nature itself is now recognized as a heritage of humanity. A reflection, to WineNews, by Vittorio Sgarbi, on the many comparisons we made with the famous art critic, to keep in mind when tasting a Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg, which comes from the Unesco World Heritage vineyard hills, “embroidered” by the winemakers until it reaches its maximum qualitative expression in the Banks and on the Cartizze hill, an even more restricted territory. But also the visitors who, from tomorrow to 19 May, will be at the “International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale” n. 18 at Ca’ Giustinian, the historic venue of the Biennale, will find the glasses of Prosecco Docg waiting for them in the Aperitif on the Terrace, and to celebrate the winners on May 20, thanks to the collaboration with the Consortium, official supplier, with which continues the enhancing process of the most famous Italian bubbles in the world through culture, arriving in Venice.
“We like to see the connection between our winemakers’ work and that of artists and architects; both give shape to places, and their work is the result of talent combined with passionate commitment and daily dedication”, explains the president of the Consortium Elvira Bortolomiol, underlining how the collaboration with the Venice Biennale “offers us the opportunity to give our contribution to the various forms that beauty takes in Italy”.

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