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Prosecco Docg in 2020 confirms 2019 record: 92 million bottles certified

Data from the Consorzio Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg: the result is the fruit of the work of producers and of far-sighted choices

In a year as disastrous as 2020, equalizing 2019 sales is no small accomplishment. Especially if that now distant 2019 was an all-time record year. A great little feat archived, among others, by the territory of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg: according to data from the Consortium, led by Innocente Nardi, 92 million bottles of the famous bubbles that are born in the Unesco Heritage Hills, the historical territory and origin of the Prosecco phenomenon, were certified in 2020.
“A result that didn’t seem imaginable just a few months ago, which, favored by the farsighted choices made by the Consortium, demonstrates that working on the quality of the product, on the value of the designation and on the safeguarding of the territory are the pillars of the solidity of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene designation and represents the best safeguard in the most challenging economic and market contexts, such as those we are going through”, explains a note.
“We close this 2020 with an excellent result, particularly significant considering the year we are leaving behind. Even if it was not easy - underlines the president of the Consortium Innocente Nardi - we have truly reached a historic result. The wineries of the designation have demonstrated their ability to adapt to the situation and their seriousness in facing, even with severe measures that we were forced to adopt, the market reality that threatened us especially in spring. The final result is due to a strong recovery in December, which registered a higher increase in certifications than in previous years, thus offsetting the results of the toughest months of 2020”.
The decrease is minimal compared to the 2019 closure, -0.001%, and despite some fears expressed during the fall due to the worsening of the epidemiological situation, the recovery was higher than expected. As had already emerged from the Economic Report presented on December 11, this result highlights the close relationship between companies and their market. Prosecco Docg wineries, as a whole, were able to adapt to the sales channels in an effective way with respect to needs, in a context of a strong limitation of sales in the restaurant sector, a channel that in Italy and abroad absorbs about one third of consumption in volume and more than half in value. The overall stability is in fact due to the relocation of the product to channels that were less used in previous years, as well as e-commerce.
“The results of 2020 confirm the ability of all of us producers - added Nardi - to bottle an excellent wine, produced with intelligent skill from that wonderful territory that our fathers left us and that we know how to maintain in a sustainable way. A territory that has not only been recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site thanks to the interaction between man and nature, but that also represents the largest glyphosate-free cultivated area in Europe. Product quality and protection of the territory that more and more consumers recognize and that the advertising campaign of these weeks helps to remember and enhance”.

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