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Prosecco is one of the 109 new words in Le Petit Robert, the leading French dictionary

At Vinexpo, the Paris ICE Director, Giovanni Sacchi said, “Italian wine is growing; Italy is the second supplier in France”
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Prosecco has conquered France entering into Le Petit Robert, the most important French dictionary

Prosecco conquers France. And not only in the glass, because the most famous Italian sparkling wine has also seen its market grow in the homeland of the “Totem” Champagne. Italian bubbles are becoming more and more part of the French people’s everyday life. So much so that the word “Prosecco” is now one of the 109 new words included in the 2020 edition of Le Petit Robert, the most famous French dictionary, which will be in bookstores starting on May 16th, 2019. WineNews discovered the news right at the very beginning of Vinexpo, in Bordeaux, and this fact confirms the growth of Italian wine and food on the French territory. As the Paris ICE director, Giovanni Sacchi, explained to WineNews, “Italian wine is worth 17% of wine imports in France and in 2018 it grew 10%, equal to 180 million euros, meaning we are second behind Spain. The image of Italian wine & food is excellent, and growth is dynamic and increasing. In the meantime, the enormous success of Eataly in Paris, which opened a month ago, has amply demonstrated this, too, since long queues are still forming every day. Italian restaurants are also driving the success of wine. Prosecco is at the very top, and since it grew 37% in 2018, and is doing very well, its success has been consecrated by Le Petit Robert, the leading dictionary of the French language, which has included the word Prosecco among the 109 new words of this edition. Prosecco has therefore become a word widely used in France, showing what this wine is becoming here, too”.
“This news definitely pleases and fills us with pride, making us proud of the work we are doing in the area and also as ambassadors in the Made in Italy world”, the President of the Prosecco DOC Consortium, Stefano Zanette commented to WineNews.

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