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Record-breaking wine and exports: Veneto, Piedmont and Tuscany leaders at 67% of the total value

The three Regions total 4.8 billion euros out of Italy’s total 7.1 billion euros. Veneto leads in value (2.4 billion euros), Tuscany leads in growth
Tuscan wine holds the export growth record (among the top of the top) in 2021

The Veneto Region is synonymous with Prosecco and Amarone, Soave and Pinot Grigio, just to name the “top of the top”, and it is still the leading region in Italian wine exports in 2021, totaling 2.4 billion euros in value (+11.1%) out of Italy’s total 7.1 billion euros. Tuscany is Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti Classico, Bolgheri and Nobile di Montepulciano, Chianti and Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Morellino di Scansano and Maremma Toscana, as well as TGI Toscana and many other denominations, and has taken third place in value, at 1.1 billion euros. Tuscany, though, grew the most (+16.4%), as well as being one of the first three Regions in value, very close to Piedmont’s Barolo and Barbaresco, Gavi and Barbera d’Asti, Asti and Alta Langa, among others, at 1.2 billion euros (+ 12.2%). This is the snapshot from the statistics agency, ISTAT data that WineNews analyzed, of the driving forces of Italian wine exports that once again stand out boasting an exceptional record in 2021 (+12.4% compared to 2020).
The total values of the “top 3” Regions are alone worth more than 67% of National exports (amounting to over 4.8 million euros in value). And, as we mentioned, Veneto has consolidated its first place in value, while Piedmont has confirmed very high levels. Among the top three Italian regions Tuscany shines for growth in 2021. Tuscany historically has been the region voted for internationalization, in wine and more, and its top positions have been confirmed coinciding with the “Week of Previews”, organized by the Tuscan Region, AVITO (Consortium of Tuscan Consortiums, ed.) and all the individual Consortiums. The previews will be held from Today, March 19th to 25th, in Florence and in the wine territories.
According to ISTAT data, then, fourth place goes to Trentino Alto Adige for exports, totaling over 614 million euros, followed by Emilia Romagna at more than 409 million euros, Lombardy that reached 286 million euros, Abruzzi at 203 million euros in wine exports, and to close out the “Top 10”, Apulia, at 178 million euros, Friuli Venezia Giulia, at 141, and Sicily, at 139 million euros. Many wine companies registered double-digit increases, some even more than + 20% (the top of the top in growth belongs to the small region, Val d’Aosta, which registered + 61.1%, in value, however, only 3.4 million euros).

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