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Responding to Covid-19 emergency: Chef José Andrés on the cover of “Time”

Feeding people on the edges of Western cities since the 2010 Haiti earthquake. 15 million meals served worldwide in 2019
Time dedicates its cover to Chef Josè Andrès

The Covid-19 epidemic crisis is bringing the main global economies to their knees, creating social consequences that could be devastating, while one man has responded to this emergency: Chef José Andrés. The US magazine Time has chosen him for their cover: https://time. com/collection/apart-not-alone/5809169/jose-andres-coronavirus-food/for its special issue, dedicated to the Coronavirus emergency, on newsstands in a few days. He made a courageous, and sensible choice, the long magazine article dedicated to the Spanish chef narrates, as it traces the phases of his successful career (he currently owns 30 restaurants in the USA alone, from Washington to New York), which steered him to devote himself body and soul to others, on the emotional wave of the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010.
Since then, his non-profit organization, World Central Kitchen, has served 15 million meals, in 13 countries worldwide, including the furthest edges of Western metropolises every year, counting on the help of a network 45.000 volunteers strong. Neither critical situations nor the current Coronavirus epidemic emergency, deter him, and it is no coincidence that when the cruise ship Grand Princess, isolated for days off the coast of California counting 21 virus positive people on board, finally docked in Oakland it was precisely Chef José Andrés who had cooked for the 3.500 passengers.
In the last few weeks, “Time” reports, the NPO has already served tens of thousands of meals all over the United States, through a distribution network counting on 346 restaurants and 567 school districts. And, it will serve many, many more meals all around the world.

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