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Rumors WineNews: Biondi Santi looking for Brunello vineyards, 6 hectares already in their sights

The historic estate, where Brunello was born, now owned by the French Epi, would already have its hands on vineyards close to those already owned

The “cradle” of Brunello di Montalcino would be looking around to expand its boundaries in the land where it has created one of the most famous wines in the world: the Greppo Biondi Santi Estate, where Brunello was born in the nineteenth century, since 2017 owned by the Epi group of the French Descours family, and led by the managing director Giampiero Bertolini, a winery with a legendary history, still kept today by the Biondi Santi family, with Jacopo and Tancredi Biondi Santi, and one of the most prestigious brands of Italian and world wine, it would be looking around, to add more hectares of Brunello vineyards to the 25 hectares already owned by the estate, in one of the most prestigious areas of Italy, and where the prices, now, are around one million euros per hectare. And from what WineNews learns, there are already 6 hectares in the sights, with the new vineyards just a few steps away from those under the current ownership of the estate, in an operation that is already partly implemented and will soon be fully defined. The aim would be to increase the production a little while maintaining the same rigor in quality, going from an average of 80,000 bottles per year, to a potential around 110,000 bottles. Rumors learned today in an exceptional tasting, with great vintages of Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Biondi Santi in the glass (historical vintages such as 1975, 1983, 1995, 2006 and 2010).

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