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Statista: global wine market at $381 billion in 2021, up 11.9% on 2019

Between now and 2025 the average growth of global wine sales will grow by +8.5% per year. In the USA wine is worth 55 billion dollars
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Wine consumption will grow again in 2021

It is difficult, but not impossible, to make forecasts about the trend of global wine sales and consumption, especially after a year like the one just passed, which taught us the fragility of long term plans. However, the world wine market, in 2021, should generate a turnover of 381 billion dollars, an increase of 11.9% on 2020, according to the analysis of the portal Statista. The growth of wine turnover, from now until 2025, will be on average +8.5%, but already this year it should return to the levels of 2019, to return to growth, in an important way, in 2022. Leading global consumption, by value, will still be the United States, where wine in 2021 will move more than 55 billion dollars. Revenue per capita, worldwide, will be of 50.56 dollars: a purely statistical data, but interesting, especially if we consider that the average consumption of wine, globally, is of just 3.5 liters per person. As it is easy to imagine, in 2020 the weight of consumption outside the home collapsed, ready to return to a partial balance already from this year. Moreover, in terms of volume, the decrease in consumption has entirely concerned still wines, not bubbles, which, however, have seen a collapse of important expenditure, which will however resume in a sudden way in this 2021.

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