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Tenuta Liliana, the Salento share company is opening to popular shareholders

The winery counts 10 partners and expects to add another 16 from all over the world. The crowdfunding campaign on CrowdFundMe has begun

Tenuta Liliana is a winery in the Salento area that has undertaken an original strategy, part sharing economy and part financing that is counting on crowdfunding to grow on a market, where they have just place their first 7,000 bottles produced from the 2021 harvest. Today, the company “is a share company that has a total of 10 partners, to which another 16 will be added by the end of the year, coming from the United States, Europe, Asia and Italy”, the founder, Antonio Intiglietta, who opened the shareholding structure to popular shareholders with a crowdfunding campaign on CrowdFundMe, the only Crowdinvesting platform listed on Piazza Affari, explained.
Each shareholder will be given a free subscription, starting from the minimum base of 250 euros, and will be able to participate in the company’s operating profits, obtain a discount on the purchase of Tenuta Liliana wines, take part in the sale of 1.000 bottles of the limited edition wine, “Ladame” 2021, share the exclusive experience of visiting the winery and also tastings, including historic vintages that will enrich the Estate's heritage. “Sharing has always been the cornerstone of our project”, Antonio Intiglietta continued. “Today, Tenuta Liliana is aiming to produce a unique and excellent Cabernet Sauvignon in one of the most beautiful territories in our Country. The crowdfunding campaign is a new segment added to our project, aiming to give those who have been enthusiastic about our offer and over the past few years have been interested in the project, an even more central role as well as everyone who wants to contribute to the agricultural regeneration of Salento”.
The Tenuta Liliana vineyards, in the terroirs the Frenchman, Pierre Marie Guillaime, world leader in the cuttings market, and the oenologist, Andrea Fattizzo selected, reach to two hundred meters above sea level, and today cover 12.5 hectares, in four different areas where Cabernet Sauvignon is produced. The result is that there are four types of organic wines, expressing the different terroirs and the same grape variety, in geological and climatic differences. In 2021, the first 7.000 bottles were produced, while starting from 2025 the production will be limited to 75.000 bottles per year, to which 4.000 bottles of orange wine will be added. The new winery was built inside a former tuff quarry, recuperated and completely restored, and where the newest winery technologies have been adopted.

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