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The Associazione Italiana Sommelier has a new leader: Umbrian Sandro Camilli

Elected president of Ais, for the four-year period 2022-2026, he takes the legacy of Antonello Maietta. In the role of vice president, Marco Aldegheri

The Associazione Italiana Sommelier (Ais) has a new leader: Sandro Camilli, Umbrian, originally from Amelia (Terni), was elected president of Ais for the four-year period 2022-2026. Alongside with him, Marco Aldegheri will take the legacy of Antonello Maietta, in the role of vice president. “In the next few days - commented Camilli - I will reveal the names of the members of the national executive council to immediately start the strategic lines we have defined”. The primary goal, Aldegheri recalled, is to “focus on involvement and openness to members and all those who will step forward, to continue making Ais the largest Sommelier partnership in the world”.

Sandro Camilli turned his passion into a profession after years of hard work in the field, in a restaurant, where he began to sharpen his senses. His life changed twenty years ago, thanks to the meeting with Ais, the fixed star of a constellation of studies, masters, and wine marketing courses that showed him the route to follow. Having obtained the certificate as a sommelier, he has increasingly contributed to the development of Ais Umbria, eventually becoming its regional president, a position he has held for the last twelve years. Marco Aldegheri, on the other hand, has been working in Verona since 1987 as a technical officer at the University. He has been Sommelier since 1994, a speaker since 2002, and above all, he regularly conducts lessons in the three Ais levels and for other professional training bodies, as well as tasting and dissemination. Among the most significant experiences, were the presence in the national council and in the national executive council from 2006 to 2010, the vice-presidency of Ais Veneto from 2013 to 2014, and the path as regional president for the following eight years.

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