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The combination of Michelin Guide and Franciacorta works. And the dream is that it can work beyond 2023

To WineNews the president of the Consortium of Franciacorta, Silvano Brescianini: “it is an opportunity for the territory and a sign of closeness to Italian cuisine”

The combination of Michelin Guide and Franciacorta works, and the presentation of the Michelin Guide 2023 dedicated to catering in Italy, on stage last night, confirm this. For Silvano Brescianini, president of the Consortium of Franciacorta, who “brought” the Michelin Guide to one of the reference areas of Italian viticulture and bubbles, “it was the first real edition, free, which unveiled a new three-star and many young people among the new starred”, as he tells to WineNews. “It is difficult to understand and measure the impact of this partnership, even if the positive effects are evident on social media. The point, however, is not wine: this is an opportunity for Franciacorta to give a signal of proximity to the great Italian catering – to the chefs and service – which continues to grow in the world, making the made in Italy food and wine great. And then it is a showcase for our territory: Franciacorta has been in the spotlight for days, not only with its wineries. It is not easy to have this event, and to make them work. Certainly the locations have a relevant specific weight, and when thigs go well, the hope is that they can last beyond the end of the three-year agreement (the last in 2023, ed.)… comments Brescianini.

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