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The Cotarella sisters’ idea: a “temporary wine garden” to narrate the revival of wine

The first “Sorè Wine Garden” has opened in Riccione, with a new touring format made up of glamour, communication, marketing and business

“The “Temporary Wine Garden” has a creative, smart and innovative format, combining glamour, communication, marketing and sales. It will tour, both in summer and in winter, stopping at symbolic places in Italy that are enthusiastic about starting up again. And, it will partner with local businesses to re-launch Italy, joining together two of its most important assets: wine and tourism”. This is the latest idea created by Dominga, Enrica and Marta Cotarella, at the helm of the Cotarella family group, “conceived in this difficult phase precisely to give a positive signal and to try to emerge from this period, which has been dramatic and challenging in many respects”, Dominga Cotarella explained to WineNews. “It will be an innovative, touring format that will stop at some of the most symbolic places in Italy where one can breathe enthusiasm, energy, courage, and the Italian lifestyle”.
One of these places is the Romagna Riviera, and recently, at one of its “capitals”, Riccione, what will be the first “Sorè Wine Garden” debuted, just a few steps away from the famous Viale Ceccarini, thanks also to the blessing and collaboration of the mayor, Renata Tosi, and the partnership with Pietro Careri, entrepreneur of Enoteca Il Vicolo.
The garden was officially inaugurated only a few days ago at a party including many famous Italian guests, such as Linus of Radio DeeJay, Martina Colombari and Alessandro “Billy” Costacurta, the designer Elisabetta Franchi, the journalist Bruno Vespa, the CEO of Ferrovie dello Stato Gianfranco Battisti, and Chef Carlo Cracco's cuisine.
“Over the past few months, which we have spent, of course, at home, the three of us - Dominga, Marta and Enrica Cotarella - together with a team of collaborators have been working to support Italian catering. The Horeca, or on market channel, and especially restaurants, is a fundamental sector for us. We talked to many restaurant owners from all over Italy, every day, to understand their problems and their needs. Selling wine is not simply a business transaction; it is also having a family relationship with those who are the top ambassadors of Italian wine. This, then, is the reason we decided to give voice, through live Instagram to companies from all over Italy and compile testimonies of the problems that our country is currently experiencing, as well as possible ideas to start up again. The live broadcasting project involved mainly restaurant owners, but also doctors, entrepreneurs, journalists, lawyers, economists, and professionals from various sectors to get the most complete and detailed picture possible to be able to analyze the Italian situation from several points of view. Today more than ever, we are convinced that teamwork and networking is a necessary component to get out of this complicated socio-economic situation”, explained Dominga Cotarella.
The idea of ​​the “Sorè Wine Garden” started here, too, and the project took its first steps in Riccione, one of the most popular seaside resorts on the Adriatic, loved mostly by young people. And toasting with Cotarella family wines (the new Sorè rosé and the great classics, such as Montiano), the message was that now what we need is “passion and empathy for everyone”, reiterated the mayor Tosi and Dominga Cotarella. “The past months have been challenging, but the city of Riccione immediately rose to the need and desire to start up again with energy and strength. And, we infected each other with a different virus: enthusiasm”.

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