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The Igt Toscana is worth 27% of the region’s wine (and 500 million euros for production)

The data of the Consortium of Vini Toscana, which confirmed Cesare Cecchi as president. Whose goal is to bring order around a top wine brand

It carries with it the name of Tuscany, one of the most famous Italian regions in the world, for wine and more, and under its big hat, it brings together wines of the highest lineage, more “pop” productions, and is often an instrument of enological experimentation in territories where Doc and Docg are often marked by single-variety. It is the portrait, in summary, of the Igt Toscana, a geographical indication that represents 27% of regional production, claimed by 1,400 bottling producers who each year give shape to 90 million bottles that are born from 12,500 hectares, for an estimated production value around 500 million euros. A type that ends up 31% on the Italian market and 69% on exports (grew by 126% in the last 10 years) with 33% of the bottles exported going to the Usa and 46% to Europe. Data from the Vini Toscana Consortium, which brings together over 130 of the most important wineries of the “Grand Duchy”, which has reconfirmed Cesare Cecchi as president (also at the top of the historic Cecchi winery), elected by the board of directors composed of Lamberto Frescobaldi (president Frescobaldi) and Rosanna Matteoli (vice president Cantina Cooperativa Montalbano Vino e Olio), vice presidents, Davide Ancillotti (president Cantina Cooperativa ViViTo and Le Chiantigiane), Renzo Cotarella (Ceo Antinori), Mario Piccini (president Tenute Piccini), Davide Profeti (dg San Felice), Sandro Sartor (Ceo Ruffino), Donata Vieri (director of the Cantina Cooperativa I Vini di Maremma), Enrico Viglierchio (dg Banfi) and Alessandro Zanette (director Melini - Gruppo Italiano Vini), whose short-term goal is to achieve recognition by the Ministry and thus have full operations and be able to give Toscana Igt the governance it needs for its protection and enhancement.
“It is known as the name Tuscany – explains Cesare Cecchi – is of a great importance in the national and international wine scene and therefore I hope that all producers in the Region feel the need to protect and enhance it; the reference to Tuscany involves not only the Igt Toscana wine but also all the very important denominations of the Region and therefore it is necessary that all producers feel involved and aggregated in a structure such as the Vino Toscana Consortium; the hope that everyone will grab this great opportunity and need that goes above all to protect their interests and that of the whole Region”.
Meanwhile, the Consortium's commitment to protect the geographical name "Tuscany" from counterfeiting, illicit use and improper use continues, also opposing, among other things, by virtue of the registration of the name Toscana in class 33 (alcoholic beverages, ed), against those subjects who intend to register trademarks that, in some way, refer to Tuscany for wine production. Only in two years, 2020 and 2021, the Consortium has withdrawn the application for registration of the trademarks “Toscania”, “Toscanello”, “Donna Toscana”, “Toscanotto”, “Tuscan tree” (in England), “Toscanino”, “I’Toscanone”, “Tuscany label”, “Toscana Cordobesa” (in Spain), “Bella Toscana” (in Brazil), and the opposition to the registration of the trademarks, “Tenimenti in Toscana” and “Toscanizzazione” ( in Poland).

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