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The most convenient time to buy wine online? Friday in May, late in the evening

This was revealed by Idealo, for the World Savings Day. In one year, thr interest on the web for alcohol has doubled
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Idealo’s tips for saving money by buying wine online

The pandemic has pushed Italians to be more prudent from a financial point of view: greater control of expenses and greater attention to savings, also as a result of the increase in e-commerce and the use of price comparators (online searches doubled in 2020 compared to 2019). And, for the World Savings Day, which, since 1924, has been celebrated every 31 October, to promote a better individual and social use of wealth, Idealo, Europe’s leading international portal for price comparison, has collected some tips to help Italians save online, transforming price fluctuations, the so-called “dynamic pricing”, into an ally of savings. Thus, it emerges that May is the best month to buy alcohol online, since the prices are lower on average: almost a third is saved on wine (31,9%), 10,8% on sparkling wine, Prosecco and Champagne and 5,6% on rum.
In December, it is possible to get same good deals on wine and spirits wine coolers: the maximum average saving is 21%. In detail, the best day and time to buy wine (including bubbles) it is late Friday evening, for rum it is better to anticipate Friday afternoon, while for the wine cellars it is recommended to order on Sunday night.
Idealo then reveals how the interest on the web towards alcohol more than doubled in Italy last year (+110% compared to 2019) and buying alcohol online, today, has become easier and more interesting than ever due to the vast choice of digital wine shops, from colossal platfroms to small and medium e-commerce wuth the most personalized selections.

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