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The USA saves the wine of Italy and Europe from further duties. At least for now

The decision communicated on the Italian night by the United States Trade Representative. Duties remain at 25% for France, Spain and Germany
US President Donald Trump. For now no duties on Italian wine

The U.S. saves Italian and European wine from further duties. At least for now. This is the decision communicated during the Italian night by the United States Trade Representative, which, at least for the wine sector, keeps the current framework unchanged, with duties at 25% for still wines from France, Spain, and Germany.
However, the uncertainty remains because in the framework of the dispute between the American Boeing and the European Airbus, Trump and the American administration will still have the possibility, in the coming months, to introduce “carousel duties” on several EU goods. For the moment, it is certain that at least a sigh of relief is being breathed by producers in Italy, who see zero duty on their wines, and in Europe who, at least in the case of France, Spain and Germany, do not see an already complicated situation aggravated by the 25% duty introduced in October, which remains in force.
And also the American wine trade, which, since the beginning of the affair, has always been against the introduction of duties, potentially even 100%, on the wines of the Old Continent, which would have been a real catastrophe for importers, distributors and retailers. Good news, however, for Italy, which, in the first 11 months of 2019, exported wine to the USA for 1.4 billion euros, up 3.7% on 2018, according to the most recent Istat data.

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