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The viticultural index and the wine product registers will be connected digitally

An amendment to the Agriculture Decree approved by the Agriculture Committee of the Senate, signed by Senator Gian Marco Centinaio, will provide digital connections
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Viticultural and vitivinicultural product registers connected digitally

The viticultural index and the wine product registers will be connected digitally, and therefore procedures will be simpler and Italian wines will be more easily traceable. Senator Gian Marco Centinaio, who first signed the amendment to the Agriculture Decree announced the news. Centinaio was the former Minister of Agricultural Policies and is now head of the Agriculture and Tourism Department of the League.
“Italy has taken an important step forward in digital traceability of our wines, from vine to bottle. This was made possible when the amendment that I proposed, as the first signature, on digitally connecting the viticultural register and the wine product registers was approved in the Senate Committee. Thanks to this ruling”, Centinaio explained, “it will be easier to cross-reference data of grapes going into the wineries and the wine that is consequently produced, identifying its origin, quality and processing. It is an effective tool to prevent and combat scams and false names, and to protect especially, DOCG, DOC and TGI products as well as offer maximum transparency and accurate communication to consumers.
The wine supply chain, and specifically FEDERVINI”, Centinaio underlined, “has, for a long time now, been requesting the possibility to connect the wine register and the new dematerialized registers of wine products. This demonstrates the importance of the rule approved today, but above all the desire to reconfirm that the vast majority of Italian wine producers are honest and want to defend the quality of their products, in spite of what journalistic investigations over the past few months would have had you believe”.

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