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The wine market, according to Statista: from 340 billion dollars in 2020 to 528 in 2025

The USA remains no.1 for turnover in 2020, with 50 billion dollars, ahead of France, China, Uk and Italy
The wine market, according to Statista: from 340 billion dollars in 2020, to 528 in 2025

Despite the pandemic, the wine market, worldwide, moved something like 340.8 billion dollars in 2020. And the prospects post-Covid are really interesting, because if forecasts are more or less correct, the global wine business should grow substantially in 2025 and achieve a turnover of 528.7 billion dollars. This is according to Statista estimates, published in mid-April 2021, reported by WineNews. An idea of the future that bodes well for wine producers and the entire trade, after a year and a half of great suffering, for a health crisis that seems to be behind us in Asia, is beginning to be overcome in a concrete way in the United States and the United Kingdom, and will slowly see out of it even Europe, still behind on the vaccination campaign, which seems to accelerate. In any case, if these are the estimates of tomorrow, today is the certainty from which to start. That is, looking at the most important markets, in terms of values moved. According to Statista, the USA, by far the number one, recorded sales of 49.8 billion dollars in 2020. Practically twice as much as France, second with 25.3 billion dollars, which precedes China at 22 billion dollars. The United Kingdom is also confirmed among the top five markets, with a “wine turnover” of 21.3 billion dollars, and Italy with 20.8. Just in front of Argentina, which generated 20.5 billion of wine turnover, according to Statista. At position no. 7 follows Canada with 15.5 billion dollars, ahead of Germany with 15.2. In the “Top 10”, surprisingly, there is Indonesia (which is however the fourth country in the world for the total population, with more than 275 million inhabitants), with 11.7 billion dollars, and Russia with 11. Data that should not be considered as an exact figure, but as an indication of the size of the leading markets, as a whole, for wine. Its real restart, obviously, on all channels, from large-scale distribution to e-commerce, which has grown everywhere in recent months, to horeca, which is the segment with the greatest added value and which has suffered the most, will be fundamental for many wine companies in Italy and elsewhere.

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