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The world’s first wine bottle with built-in drop saver is born: it’ from an Italian startup

Marche-based Techno For Future signs Dring, a unique patent that makes it possible to stop pouring liquid on the tablecloth

You can finally pour wine without fear of staining your tablecloth: Marche-based start-up Techno For Future has patented the world’s first bottle with a built-in drop saver. It is called Dring and, in addition to ensuring better hygiene, it will help reduce water waste and detergent consumption. Thus, there will be no more need to insert devices into the neck of the bottle, thus risking contamination of its contents: Dring is originally equipped with an immovable device that prevents dripping. The first company to adopt it will be the Abruzzo winery Palazzo Battaglini, for some wines that can already be purchased online.
“For our company this is a historic day”, says Paolo Gioacchini, president of Techno For Future, “a centuries-old problem has finally found a solution with our technology. One million bottles will be produced by the end of the year: we expect more and more wine producers to adopt them, so we can forget about a problem that is as anachronistic as it is annoying”.
Drings are identical to popular bottle models in shape and size, and the ring on them can be supplied in various colors, giving the wine producer the opportunity to differentiate himself and highlight the greater value of the product supplied to the consumer.

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