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Trentodoc records a 2023 that is positive in value (+3%): Italy remains the main market

Stefano Fambri, president Trento Doc Institute: “we can be satisfied”. Decline in volume is 2%, export at 15%
The bubbles of Trentodoc

Although the winds of crisis also blew in 2023 on Italian wine, the sector has not all been affected equally. Certainly, rising costs, just to give an example, affect everyone, but the type of product, its history, the vision, are elements that can make a difference. So it was for Trentodoc, Italian sparkling wines beloved around the world (and by critics) and a denomination that brings together 67 sparkling wine houses, which endured a peculiar year that came after previous ones of growth in notoriety. The president of the Trento Doc Institute, Stefano Fambri, had already spoken to Winenews of a denomination that is doing well and with prospects for growth, and that's net of the challenges to be faced and overcome. And then there are the numbers, with the Institute’s Observatory showing, for 2023, the sector’s resilience with a 3% growth in value, equal to a total turnover of 185 million euros.
The reference market for Trentodoc remains Italy, which accounts for 85% of sales, particularly in the horeca sector, which is growing steadily, while the remaining 15% concerns foreign countries,
where two Ocm projects are active, in the United States (on the East Coast) and Switzerland. Among the types most appreciated by consumers, vintage wines and reserves are confirmed.
“We can be satisfied, in light of the general economic picture”, stresses Trento Doc Institute President Stefano Fambri, “compared to the previous year’s data, 2023 shows growth in overall value with a slight decrease in volume of 2%, attributable to a drop in large-scale distribution, where, faced with the contingent situation and rising costs, some members have adopted more restrictive promotional policies”.

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