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TripAdvisor Study, the USA is the No. 1 fan of the Italian cuisine. The queen is Umbria

Italians stricter than visitors. And abroad? The most beloved cuisine by the Italians is certainly the Asian one, Cambodia at the top
The Umbrian cuisine is the most popular among the cuisines of Italy for TripAdvisor

There is nothing to do: Italians and those who do not appreciate Italian cuisine, despite this the passion for Italian gastronomy do not seem to fall. This is confirmed by the study of TripAdvisor, a leading app for online restaurant reservations, which has also launched the system of reviews, on Italian catering 2018, which reveals how Italian cuisine is always very loved, slightly more by visitors, who are less strict than Italians. The study analyses the average scores of TripAdvisor users’ reviews and opinions on the catering facilities on the site, comparing them with those of last year, to highlight the trends of travelers’ gastronomic tastes and the performance of restaurants. Stricter than the Italians, only the Finns, followed by the Italians and the Spanish. Speaking of good news, which is the country that most loves the gastronomy of the Italian Peninsula? The USA has an average review score of 4.33 out of 5, thus ousting Russia, at the top of the Top 10 of 2017 with a score of 4.34, which this year fell to 4.31, placing it in the fourth position. Among the new lovers of the gastronomic offer of the Italy compared to last year, there are Slovakia, with an average score of 4.32), Albania (4.28) and Bulgaria (4.27), which take the place of Israel, Chile and Hungary, which remain out of the ranking this year. Italian cuisine is difficult to define as a single one, by the fact that gastronomic culture is still the major bearer of those regional differences that until about a century ago were also deeply cultural (and even linguistic).
Which regional cuisine is your favorite? In this case, there is evidence of the highest step of last year’s podium, Umbria, crowned both by Italians, (with an average score of 4.21) and visitors (4.35). Immediately after, for the Italians, there are Basilicata (4.16) and Tuscany (4.13). The situation is different according to the tastes of tourists, who put Tuscany on the podium in second place (4.31), but in third place Molise (4.28), for Italians not even in the Top 5.
The tastes of Italians and visitors in Italy are evident. However, the numbers of TripAdvisor show, the most popular cuisine for the Italian in the world is certainly the Asian cooking, with Cambodia (4.36), Thailand (4.31) and Japan (4.30) on the podium. But not only: in the Top 10, which also includes the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, China, India, and Indonesia, there are only two non-Asian countries, Iceland and Ireland, both in Europe. The South American cuisine is absent.

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